The Deadly 2021 Texas Power Grid Failure

Imagine millions of people stranded in the cold without electricity, heat, or running water. Infrastructure has been crippled. Families are huddling for warmth in parked cars, and boiling water in their homes to ensure it is safe to drink.

This may sound like the plot out of a post-apocalyptic film, but it was very much a reality for millions of people across Texas, in the week of February 13-17, 2021, that engulfed the entire state in plunging temperatures

To Better Understand…. How this happened? And, more importantly, Why wasn’t the State of Texas better prepared? Let’s see what went wrong right from the beginning!

IN THIS INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL, “The Deadly 2021Texas Power Grid Failure” our News team is on location with Brent Coon, Founder & CEO of the Brent Coon & Associates, (BCA), law firm, with his co-counsel, Robert A. Schwartz, who on April 26, 2020, filed their first lawsuit for 95 clients against over 300 Defendants, and on February 10, 2023, filed an additional 4,122 Plaintiffs’ cases, all cases of which have now been consolidated into one Texas state Multidistrict Litigation Court (MDL) for all pretrial matters.

The BCA lawsuits seek to hold these defendants, i.e., power companies, distribution companies, electric grid operators and others of failing to prepare properly for the Power Grid Failure, creating a catastrophe that caused property damage, countless injuries, and hundreds of deaths. One expert estimated the cost of the freeze was as high as $300 billion.

Brent and Bob explain the many legal challenges this case presents, as well as the responsibilities and legal duties that the State of Texas and the defendants owe the citizens of Texas.

The companies that generate and deliver power to Texas households and businesses cannot be permitted to put Texans in a position where they deprived of electrical service, potable water, and heat for an extended period of time during freezing temperatures.

Brent and Bob have earned reputations as unyielding trial lawyers who repeatedly represent individuals and families against big companies and the Goliaths of the world. And repeatedly win.

They are dedicated to uncovering the hidden catastrophic factors that put our fellow citizens at risk and wreak havoc on an important sector of our economy.

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