Dupont’s La Porte Explosion Disaster – Crystal Rae Wise’s Story

 In 2014, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, (CSB) investigated the November 15, 2014, deadly Dupont La Porte, Texas plant explosion that killed four workers, and it uncovered flawed safety procedures, design problems and inadequate planning.  

 According to federal investigators, more than 24,000 pounds of deadly methyl mercaptan, even in small doses, can attack the nervous system and trigger death by respiratory paralysis, unexpectedly spewed into the third floor of the plant’s pesticide unit when veteran operator Crystal Rae Wise opened a faulty valve on her early morning shift. Wise and the three men who rushed in to help her and other workers died from the toxic fumes. 

Federal Investigators asked two fundamental questions in the wake of the Dupont La Porte tragedy:   

What could have been done to prevent it?     

And ….

And Was DuPont to blame for what happened? 

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board also found that across-the-board failures by DuPont created a hazardous environment at the La Porte plant that endangered not only the company’s workers but also the public.  According to CSB investigators, top-down failures at the company led to the toxic gas leak that killed four workers, including Crystal Rae Wise.   

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