BP’s Texas City Disaster and Consequences

This is the story of what the CSB and Brent Coon & Associates law firm discovered about the sequence of events that led up to one of the worst industrial accidents in U.S. history, and its subsequent consequences.

As former Chemical Safety Board, (CSB) Chairperson Carolyn Merritt stated, “The problems that existed at BP Texas City were neither momentary nor superficial. They ran deep through that operation of a risk denial and a risk blindness that was not being addressed anywhere in the organization.”

In this Insider Exclusive “Justice in America” Network TV Special, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA – The BP’s Texas City Disaster ” our News team meets with Brent Coon, Founder & CEO of the Brent Coon & Associates law firm, his co-counsel, Eric Newell, who led the litigation against BP, that killed 15 contract workers and injured hundreds more.  BP’s compensation bill for the explosion at its Texas City refinery in 2005 was in excess of $2 billion.

We also meet with Don Holmstrom, former Lead U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Board Investigator, and TJ Aulds, the award-winning news journalist who covered the entire story.

The Honorable Texas District Judge Susan Criss presided over the trial and the 4,000+ legal claims arising from the BP refinery disaster in Texas City, Texas.

“Investigations into that disaster “revealed a culture of complacency toward worker safety at that refinery contributed to the disaster,” Criss wrote. “Worker fatigue resulting from excessive overtime hours was another problem cited.”

Brent and Eric have earned reputations as unyielding trial lawyers who repeatedly represent individuals and families against big companies and the Goliaths of the world. And repeatedly win.

The lessons learned from the BP Texas City event are a testament to the excellent investigative work that the Brent Coon Law firm and the CSB performed and continues to do each and every day.

They are dedicated to uncovering the hidden catastrophic factors that put our fellow citizens at risk and wreak havoc on an important sector of our economy.

Fourteen years after the BP Texas City disaster – one of the deadliest industrial accidents in the history of the United States – there is still much to learn.

You can get additional information at Brent Coon & Associates https://www.bcoonlaw.com/ and http://www.texascityexplosion.com/ 409 242 5527 & 281 324 0399


• Kimberly Smith, 43, Dayton J.E. Merit Constructors
• Larry Linsenbardt, 58, Mount Belvieu General Electric
• Ryan Rodriguez, 28, Baytown J.E. Merit Constructors
• Morris King, 52, Baytown J.E. Merit Constructors
• Larry Thomas, 63, Hufman J.E. Merit Constructors
• Daniel Hogan, 58, Glenmora, La. Fluor-Daniel
• Eugene White, 53, Whiteville, N.C. J.E. Merit Constructors
• Rafael Herrera, 27, Baytown Fluor-Daniel
• Glenn Bolton, 50, College Station J.E. Merit Constructors
• Jimmy Hunnings, 58, Baytown Fluor-Daniel
• Susan Taylor, 33, Baytown J.E. Merit Constructors
• Linda Rowe, 47, Hornbeck, La. J.E. Merit Constructors
• James Rowe, 48, Hornbeck, La. J.E. Merit Constructors
• Lorena Cruz Alexander, 32, La Porte J.E. Merit Constructors
• Arthur Ramos, 59, Houston J.E. Merit Constructors