Sumsion Business Law & Murphy Business & Financial Utah, LLC

Business brokers, like Murphy Business & Financial Utah LLC, are experienced professionals that greatly assist the purchase and sale of businesses. Business brokers will estimate the value of a business, advertise it, and conduct interviews with potential buyers.

Brokers can play an invaluable role in the process, especially when they team up a successful business law firm, like Sumsion Business Law, as they provide guidance, advice, and other legal resources and due diligence that you may need to make the transaction successful.

IN THE INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL our news team meets with Steve Sumsion, Mgr Partner, Sumsion Business Law, and Marvin Slovacek, Mgr Director of Murphy Business and Financial, Utah, LLC to “Go Behind the Headlines” to learn more about their successful business relationship and the opportunities for buyers and sellers of businesses.

Marvin Slovacek will answer the most frequently asked questions from Business Buyers and Sellers like:

Why Should Potential business buyers and sellers use your company?

What makes your business better than all the others?)

Why is it important to use a team of professionals, like Sumsion Business Law together with Murphy Business and Financial?

What’s Murphy Business and Financial, Utah’s broker and business experience?

What’s Murphy Business and Financial, Utah’s access to multiple of buyers and sellers?

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