Sumsion Business Law – 21st Century Legal Innovators

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, businesses and individuals have increasingly sought to obtain the same legal services at lower costs, and Sumsion Business Law has developed a very successful model that benefits corporate clients.

Microsoft, the software giant pays millions in legal fees annually, has been taking steps to move away from traditional billing arrangements to reduce those fees.

In the face of rising client expectations, Sumsion Business Law’s creative use of paralegals stands out as a time-tested model to obtain customer satisfaction with excellent results.

Since its founding in 2001, Sumsion Business Law has recruited undergraduate students to work with its very experienced attorneys on most of its legal projects.

Dozens of the brightest young minds in the state of Utah have worked for several years at the firm reviewing documents, conducting legal research, and drafting motions and memos.

These paralegals then continue their legal education at some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools. In the past year alone, Sumsion Business Law has sent paralegals to Stanford, Harvard, and Chicago—three of the top four law schools in the nation. This model, although unconventional, has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients of the firm.

Paralegals have worked extensively on all the firm’s biggest matters, from jury trials to mediation to business sales. The process is quite simple: first, the firm invests in the paralegals through weeks of upfront training.

With the basics mastered, the paralegals then assist the experienced attorneys with their tasks and participate in staff meetings, client meetings, and continued training. Finally, the firm bills the paralegals to its clients at low rates, effectively passing savings directly through to its clients.

To Sumsion Business Law, this creative solution symbolizes legal work at its finest—creating win-win situations for everyone. Clients benefit from lower fees for quality work, the firm retains happy clients, and the paralegals gain valuable experience to prepare them for their future careers. This abundance mentality is a hallmark of Sumsion Business Law, one of Provo, Utah’s fastest growing law firms.

IN THE INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL our news team meets with Steve Sumsion, Mgr Partner, Sumsion Business Law and Colby Gardner, Managing Paralegal at Sumsion Business Law to “Go Behind the Headlines” to learn more about their successful and innovative 21st Century legal business model that benefits their clients.

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