Doing Business In China Today

Utah’s Silicon Slopes has become “a high-tech mecca that rivals Silicon Valley…. A stretch of cities along the Rocky Mountains, from Ogden in the north to Provo in the south and Salt Lake City. It’s emerged in the last decade as a hotbed of tech entrepreneurship showing their impressive worth of at least $1 billion.

In 2018, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranked Utah No.#3 in innovation, entrepreneurship, high-tech and economic performance in a study of all 50 states. The state also topped CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business list for the year.

One of Utah’s most successful incubator high technology companies, and a one of Sumsion Business Law’s clients, is Hall Labs which is a modern-day Edison Labs. Hall Labs companies operate from a 130-acre state-of-the-art common campus in Provo, Utah.

And brings together a team of innovators—scientists and engineers to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems ranging from sustainability to personal transportation.

Sumsion Business Law works extensively with Hall Labs to provide international business transactional services with a focus on China. Sumsion is associated with Dentons, the largest law firm in China and the world. In addition, Sumsion Business Law currently hosts the only licensed lawyer from China in Utah and the surrounding states, and has 5 Mandarin-speaking employees with over 40 years of experience living, working and travelling in Asia.

Like Edison Labs before it, Hall Labs brings together all the resources needed to grow a new technology concept from start to finish. Every critical piece of the business development process is covered in the Hall Labs system.

Hall Labs has produced over 850 patents and operates as an incubator for disruptive technology in many industries. Sumsion Business Law’s China experience has been invaluable as a bridge between Hall Labs and China.

The companies grown in Hall Labs have access to funding, research and development, machine learning, engineering, supply chains, patent support, and more.

A vast team of unified engineers, chemists, strategists, accountants, attorneys, advisors, and other experts support the projects.

Sumsion Business Law has also partnered with the World Consulting Group to connect Hall Labs with the GE of China, Fosun, which has over $81 billion of assets, to jointly develop technologies that can be marketed and distributed globally.

This global partnership will funnel over $100 million to several companies over the next few years. These companies are developing and monetizing inventions at the forefront of modern technology, including transportation, healthcare, and electronics.

Sumsion Business Law works with Hall Labs and Fosun to structure the foreign investment, profit-sharing, and IP protection as these companies grow sales and international reach.

Former U.S. Ambassador & former Asst Sec of State, Greg Newell, President of international Commerce Development Corp, is a Consultant to Sumsion Business Law and Dentons with respect to Sumsion’s China business law services.

IN THE INSIDER EXCLUSIVE, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA” NETWORK TV SPECIAL our news team meets with former U.S. Ambassador & former Asst Sec of State, Gregory Newell, Li Meng Ting, Dentons Lawyer, and Steve Sumsion, Mgr Ptr, Sumsion Business Labs, in Provo, Utah to “Go Behind the Headlines” to learn more about these successful business relationships and opportunities and some of the challenges that lie ahead in today’s international trade environment

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