Justice In America – Mary Anne & Bradley Downing’s Story

“Everyday…. Somewhere in America…. More than 300 Innocent Men, Women, and Children become Victims of Medical Malpractice

At the Hands of Incompetent & Negligent Doctors…Maybe Just like your own family Doctor…

And end up either Dead or Permanently Injured

Last Year Over 98,000 Victims died at the hands of incompetent or negligent Doctors…

More than 4 Million victims are permanently injured annually.

IN THIS INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA -Mary Anne & Bradley Downing’s Story””, we visit with Lloyd Bell, Founder, Bell Law, as we take you inside today’s legal system, examining his legal strategies, and in vivid detail…. showing you heartbreaking story of the wrongful death of Mary Anne Downing’s 41-year-old disabled son Bradley Downing.

Bradley was severely burned with scalding water by a Certified Nursing Assistant, while under the care of Complete Care LLC, in Dunwoody Georgia, who burned his chest, upper arms, and left leg. Approximately one month later, Bradley was rushed to the Emergency Department of Northeast Georgia Medical Center suffering from severe sepsis. Bradley died on May 29, 2018, from multiple organ failure.

This is Bradley’s story.

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