Dr. Erik Westerlund’s $26 MILLION Verdict Medical Malpractice Loss – Sandra Williams’s Story

Sandra Williams was a devoted wife of 28 years, a mother of two outstanding sons, a marathoner, a 25- year employee of the Columbus, Georgia City Attorney’s Office, an active church goer, and an amazing singer in the Church choir prior to October 20, 2012.

That life Sandra once knew came to screeching halt when she had an extremely unfortunate and life changing experience on October 20, 2012 at Columbus, Georgia’s, St. Francis Hospital, with Dr. Erik Westerlund.

Westerlund failed to properly treat her for a post-operative neck hematoma, or blood clot, which closed off her trachea, and ultimately helped starve her brain of oxygen.

Sandra suffered brain damage that led to blindness and a loss of coordination and balance that resulted in confinement to a wheelchair, all as a result of the negligence and incompetence Dr Erik Westerlund.

On December 11, 2017 a Georgia jury returned a verdict in the amount of $26 million for Sandra Williams and against St. Francis Hospital for medical malpractice. And assessed all of the blame to Dr. Erik Westerlund.

In this Insider Exclusive Special Network TV Special on “Dr. Erik Westerlund’s $26 MILLION Verdict Medical Malpractice Loss – Sandra Williams’s Story” our news team visits with Sandra Williams, and her attorney, Lloyd Noland Bell of the Bell Law Firm.

They will explain how the jury found that Dr Erik Westerlund acted in bad faith and how the jury sent a powerful message to the hospital and Westerlund with the largest verdict $26 Million against St Francis and Dr Erik Westerlund.

Lloyd Bell can be contacted at The Bell Law Firm, https://www.belllawfirm.com/ and 404 249 6768