When High School Football Gets Dangerous – The Zach Frith Story

Football…..is One of the most popular sports in America…..And It’s also the leading cause of sports-related injuries. During the 2005-06 season, high school football players sustained more than half a million injuries nationally.

And 14 year old High School Zachary Frith was one of them…….

Zach played wide receiver and defensive back, for the Lafayette County C-1 High School team in Higginsville, Missouri….And on October 10, 2005….. Zach suffered a concussion during a freshman football game. Despite his injury, the coaches allowed Zach to remain in the game ….. Without being seen by any medical personnel.

At the conclusion of this Oak Grove game, the coaching staff and school administration failed to make sure that Zach received medical attention or ….was medically cleared to continue to participate in subsequent practices and games.

Zach’s parents ….were never notified!

The following week, the coaching staff allowed Zach to continue to practice and to play an entire game…Despite Being Given Orders from the Zach’s family Doctor prohibiting him from playing. Zach Frith suffered a brain injury as the result of multiple concussions sustained while playing football for his team during this two-week period… October 10, 2005 through October 25, 2005.

According to the Center for Disease Control…..Among high school sports, football is responsible for the most injuries per player. More than 300,000 sports and recreation related traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States each year.

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