When Doctors Go Bad – Maribeth Chase V Dr Robert T. Tenny

Medical Doctors are not perfect….They make mistakes like everyone else….They’re not Perfect…..they’re only human.

But when 15 of Dr Tenny’s former patients and some “surviving family members of these former patients All end up suing the same Dr. Tenny, for medical malpractice…. Then As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet…. “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark”…and in Dr Robert Tenny’s case…. “Something’s wrong in the State of Kansas & with The Kansas Board of Healing Arts for allowing this to happen.

Today The Insider Exclusive goes BEHIND THE HEADLINES to tell the TRUE STORY of One of Dr Tenny’s victims….. Maribeth Chase

Who was the 77-year-old matron of the Chase family. Who Raised her own children……. John, Claire, Kit, and Abby ……as a single mother in small town of Ida Grove, Iowa, …… And worked as a speech pathologist.

Maribeth was an extraordinary Mom and Grandmother … She lived independently…. had an active social life with many friends, drove her own car, and was going to the gym at the time she began to develop some blurred vision.

Doctors determined she had a subdural hematoma –

She was referred to Dr Robert Tenny, the on-call neurosurgeon, at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, who ordered a burr hole evacuation…… a routine and relatively low risk neurosurgical procedure…….to remove the blood.

That’s where Maribeth tragically joined this “extremely unfortunate group of VICTIMS… of Dr Tenny…. who have been victimized by his medical negligence and incompetence.

18 Days Later……After undergoing surgery by Dr Tenny, Maribeth died…. Unnecessarily…. and at the incompetent hands of this so-called Doctor, who still has his medical license …..3 years after killing Maribeth Chase.

Today the Insider Exclusive exposes Dr Tenny’s attempts to blame others and cover up his negligence, and how the Chase family lawyers….Victor Bergman & Matt Birch, Ptrs @ the law firm of Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman

….Uncovered the real truth of what ….really went on inside that Operating room on that fateful day….. February 26, 2007 …….

You can contact Victor Bergman and Matthew Birch at 1-866-484 8966, or visit http://www.sjblaw.com