When Doctors Go Wrong – Quest Diagnostic’s Deadly Errors

Quest Diagnostics’ website claims that they are “the world’s leader in diagnostic laboratory testing, information, and services”. Today, Quest Diagnostics performs testing for more than half a million patients each day, serving approximately half of the physicians and hospitals in the United States.
And on their same corporate website under the tab: Corporate Citizenship, Quest coins a phrase, entitled QuestCares in which they state:

• Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. We strive to do the right thing when it comes to caring for our patients, dealing with our business partners and working alongside our fellow employees. We never forget that we’re in the business of caring for people. Every day, we work hard to earn your trust and maintain our reputation for providing unsurpassed diagnostic insights and innovation

But for one patient, Maria Rapio, Quest Diagnostics “Is NOT Walking their Own Talk”!
Quest Diagnostics mixed up Maria Rapio’s biopsy sample with that of another patient, and told her she was fine, when it was not true. Eight Months later they suddenly realized their near fatal mistake, because Maria was actually suffering from a deadly cancer, a high grade sarcoma which is a malignant and aggressive tumor! She lost Eight months in her battle with cancer to get the proper treatment, and as a result of Quest’s inexcusable error, a once Vibrant Active Maria is changed forever…..

During that critical 8 month delay….Her infection had spread to the bone so the doctor had to put in a medal rod in her leg. She suffered from an infection from this procedure and was hospitalized for ……….over a month.

Now her leg has been left severely deformed, and she has to constantly go for checkups to make sure that the tumor has not spread.

Had the correct diagnosis originally been given, she would have saved these ….Precious 8 months, which, with this type of tumor, could be life altering.

In this new Investigative Expose of Quest Diagnostics, the Insider Exclusive Producers show how Maria’s Lawyers, Stewart Greenberg & Mark Stone , Ptrs @ the law firm of Greenberg & Stone are pursuing Justice for Maria…

They have seen many patients suffer needless injury. AND BECAUSE OF THAT…..They are driven to help people who had been harmed by incompetent and negligent healthcare professionals and organizations.

They’re goal….. Not ONLY To get Justice for Maria Rapio…BUT To make Medicine Safer and more Accountable….
You can contact Stewart Greenberg and Mark Stone @ Greenberg & Stone
888 499 9700 or 305 595 2400, or visit http://www.sgglaw.com