When Doctors Go Wrong – Lazaro Perez’ Story

Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery has many advantages over traditional gallbladder surgery including smaller incisions and greatly reduced recovery time. However, it requires a highly skilled surgeon to properly perform the procedure. Due to the popularity and costs of this type of surgery, many doctors who lack required skill and training attempt the surgery.

In 2010, nearly ninety percent of all gallbladder surgeries were performed using a method known laparoscopic surgery. In the modern gallbladder operation, a minor incision is made in the abdominal cavity, which allows as trocar to pass through with a fiber optic camera.

During the procedure, the surgeon utilizes the fiber optics to perform the necessary internal surgical procedures, which may include removal of the gallbladder or other actions, such as blocking ducts and arteries during the gallbladder surgery.

Consequences of Negligence

The single biggest risk to a patient in a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is a careless error by the surgeon.

Some injuries and errors during the surgery can cause death or be life threatening unless attended to immediately. Even when the patient survives, there is prolonged loss of income, pain, digestive problems, and repeated surgical and medical interventions that cost money.

In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE Investigative TV Special we exposed how the Palm Springs General Hospital, in Hialeah, Florida and its former surgeon, Dr. Juan Julio Hernandez-Pombo TOTALLY BOTCHED this rather common surgery and nearly killed Lazaro Perez!

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