North American Health Care’s ‘Five-Star Fraud’ – Essie Chandler’s Story

The story you are about to see is True.

The names have not been changed because the defendants, North American Healthcare and its former Chief Executive John L. Sorensen ……when faced with the overwhelming evidence of North American’s on-going healthcare fraud, abuse and neglect at their Rosewood facility, begged for a confidential settlement to keep the horrific details out of the press, which had led to Essie Chandler’s untimely death.

Unfortunately for them, and for their corporate executives, who advertised their fraudulent services and fictitious ‘5 Star Medicare ratings’, in the media, the Insider Exclusive’s “Justice in America” Network TV Series is exposing North American Health Care for who they really are, to protect the public from their Wall Street “Profits Over People” mentality.

In fact, here was North American Health Care’s Media Promotion, “We Are NAHCI”

Everything word, every sentence, every concept uttered in this promotion directly contradicts the evidence, that Lesley Clement and her investigative team discovered about North American in, Essie Chandler v North American Healthcare case.

This is not how former Chief Executive John L. Sorensen would have wanted his mother cared for at North American Healthcare’s Rosewood facility.

In fact, in this Insider Exclusive “Justice in America” Network TV Special are Essie’s son and daughter to personally tell you the horrors their mother experienced at North American, before she died.

Even though, North American definitely was insistent to settle the case confidentially, to avoid the extraordinary negative publicity of how they treated Essie Chandler…… No sooner had they signed the legal documents, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Unfortunately for them, that new deception on the legal system was dismissed, and they were forced to pay their settlement to the Chandler family.

Soon thereafter, undaunted by North American’s corporate mentality of ‘Profits Over People’ it was reported in the news, that they sold their nursing facilities to Sabre Healthcare REIT, Inc for a reported $438 Million, and leased them back under triple-net agreements, while they continue to provide, the most profitable part of their business of the Nursing Homes services, such as Accounting, Legal Services, Training, and bulk purchasing services.

In this new Insider Exclusive “Justice in America” Network TV Special, our news staff meets with Ken and Liz Chandler, Essie’s children, and their lawyer, Lesley Clement, principal at the Clement Law Group, on location in Sacramento, Calif, to expose how some Nursing Home conglomerates, who place Profits over People, also gamed the Medicare system to receive fraudulent ‘Five-Star’ ratings like North American did.

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She believes that elders within our community deserve the utmost respect and that any individual who brings harm to an elderly person should be held accountable.

She uses the civil court systems to ensure the rights of the elderly are protected and that their abusers are held accountable for their wrongdoing.

She sees it their mission to fight for people who had been harmed by the willful or negligent actions of others.

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