Dignity Health & Dorothy Valdez’s Death

Older people in hospitals are at risk of constipation, and the hospital nursing staffs are often understaffed and poorly managed due to incompetence, negligence, and the Hospital’s philosophy of putting ‘Profits before People’. Failure to treat the condition can lead to increased morbidity and even death, which is exactly what happened to Dorothy Valdez, at Dignity Health’s Mercy San Juan Hospital on April 2, 2012

Thanks to 20th-century advances in public health and medicine, a majority of Americans now live into elderhood, and many of them need increased medical care.

But, remarkably, hospitals aren’t designed with elders in mind. Walk through any hospital, and you’ll almost invariably find cheerful decor for children, services and facilities aimed at adults, and a gauntlet of obstacles and insults to elders.

It means a one-size-fits-all approach to both facilities and care that doesn’t acknowledge that the needs, preferences, and realities of a 75 to 95-year-old patients, with medical conditions, might differ from those of a 35 to 55-year-old with the same thing.

It’s the rare industry that doesn’t target and cater to its best customers. Health care not only fails to cater to elders, it fosters system-wide injustice by failing to apply the same standards to elderhood that it applies to childhood and adulthood.

Just as children’s hospitals have been shown to save and better the lives of children, hospital wards, services, and emergency departments aimed at elders improve their care and lives when compared to adult-centric facilities.

Dignity Health’s Mercy San Juan Hospital in Sacramento chose not to provide the hands-on patient care and the nursing assessments necessary to address Dorothy Valdez’s health and safety, after she and her adult children kept complaining and pleading to the staff, that their mother had been constipated for 19 days after her admittance, and no one was helping her.

She died in horrible pain …… Just 19 days after being admitted to Dignity Health.

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