Mud Slide Disasters – The Logan Canal Story

This is a tragic story of Government and Corporate Irresponsibility, that resulted in the clearly preventable deaths of three innocent Logan, Utah residents, Jackie Leavey, Age 43, and her 2 children, Victor Age 13, and Abbey Age 12.
Everyone in authority at the city, the State University, the Department of Transportation, and the local canal company knew there was a serious problem with the Logan canal, in Logan, Utah.

In the days preceding the mudslide, officials had visited the site and had seen the water squirting 10 feet high into the air because it was under so much pressure in the canal.

They all knew the danger of a mudslide in that particular area. It had happened before-they knew it would happen again, soon. Folks in the affected neighborhood kept calling the city. Call after call and nobody cared.

No one took action, no one did a thing. Then the unthinkable occurred. A mudslide of tremendous proportions dropped on a home, killing a mother and her two children.

It took days to sift through the mud, trying to recover their bodies. Folks were somber and reflective. But then the finger pointing began. Each department blamed the another for not taking action. Only it was too late, too late to save the mother and her children.
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