Golf Hall Of Famer Bob Betley Wins For All Americans

On page one of “The Rules of Golf: The Spirit of the Game” there is a discussion about a player’s responsibility to abide by these rules. It’s the true spirit of sportsmanship, stating: “All players shall conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.” Golf has been touted for centuries as a “gentlemen’s game,” and, rightly so. For Champion Hall of Famer, Bob Betley, “The Spirit of the Golf Game” has exemplified his entire professional career.

And, although Bob got a late start in playing the game, he made up for it quickly, turning pro just a couple of years after taking up the game seriously. With his wife and caddie, Jane, at his side, he won the Utah Open in 1979 and went on to win state open titles in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, piling up a more than 75 tournament victories and over $1 million in career earnings along the way. Bob’s biggest win as a pro came when he won the 1993 Bank of Boston Classic on the Senior PGA Tour. He also finished second in the Shootout at Jeremy Ranch, losing a memorable 8-hole, sudden-death playoff to former U.S. Open champ Orville Moody in the Utah Senior Tour event. He was a “gentleman” amongst gentlemen and on top of his game – but then tragedy struck.

Bob was seriously and permanent injured when his car was rear-ended by an underinsured driver. As a result, he hasn’t been able to golf or enjoy one of his other great talents, painting – primarily wildlife oils and portraits – since then. No more golf, no more travel, no more painting. In an instant, Bob’s livelihood and way of life ceased to exist. Despite the trauma and hardship, he and his wife were determined to soldier on. As hardworking, responsible, and honest as ever, they thought they could handle things themselves. They filed a claim with their own auto insurance company (a “first-party claim”) and assumed they’d be treated fairly – just like in the spirit of golf.

But instead, their insurance company didn’t abide by that “gentleman’s” spirit of golf” – no, they stalled. They repeatedly lost paperwork, and wouldn’t even return phone calls. So finally, Bob and Jane – Team Betley – had had enough. They called Siegfried & Jensen. Sadly, this is a scenario that the attorneys at Siegfried & Jensen knew all too well. They saw to it that the insurance company did its job and compensated Bob and Jane as required, but then they took it a step further.

Mitch Jensen, Founding Partner at Siegfried & Jensen, and Utah State Senator Steve Urquhart wrote and got passed new state legislation protecting the rights of individuals in “first-party” insurance claims. In 2010, SB62 was signed into law in Utah, mandating that insurance companies must provide a written response within a reasonable period of time. Additionally, all uninsured or underinsured claims must be paid immediately either for the amount of the covered individual’s demand or the carrier’s response.

Today, the Insider Exclusive shows how the law firm of Siegfried & Jensen, the Utah Legislature and everyday Americans like Bob and Jane Betley can make the legal system work, protecting the rights of individuals and promoting safety for everyone.

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