Justice In America – James Greene’s Story

Officially, As of April 2018, there are 84,000+ elevators in New York City…. a number which surpasses the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Miami combined. Of that number… 63,000 are passenger elevators.

Passenger elevators in New York City make over 35 million passenger trips per day, so there’s bound to be some accidents. About 10,200 people are injured in elevator accidents each year, with the majority of these accidents being related to elevator door malfunctions, carriage misalignment with floors, and passenger safety vulnerabilities.

The underlying causes of elevator accidents may be due to one of several defects or malfunctions, such as in the wiring, pulley systems, door operation, or improper maintenance procedures.

However, New York property owners are legally responsible for properly maintaining buildings, including ensuring the safety of elevators on the premises.

New York City code requires that all elevators in the city be properly installed and maintained. Elevators must pass installation inspections as well as periodic inspections by the Department of Buildings…. to be legally operated.

Elevator accidents can result in severe harm, including back injuries, neck damage, leg injuries, knee injuries, head injuries, brain damage, spinal cord injuries and fractures.

Early in 2018, New York City passed two new elevator-safety regulations. They mandated that all building owners and co-op and condo boards make certain upgrades to certain types of elevators – which could cost $30,000 and up for more complicated jobs.

There are two sets of new regulations on the way. By January 1, 2020, door-lock monitors will have to be installed on certain elevators; By January 1, 2027, emergency brakes will have to be installed on other types of elevators.

IN THIS INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA – James Greene’s Story”, we visit with Bob Genis, Founder of Sonin Genis Law firm, as he explains how he successfully won a $6 Million-dollar verdict for his client James Greene, who was severely injured as a result of a falling elevator. James sustained herniated discs to his neck and back that required surgery.

Bob Genis can be contacted at Sonin Genis Law Firm, http://www.soningenis.com/ (718) 295-3100