Human Trafficking & Corporate America’s Role in Organized Crime (Correct)

Human Trafficking is now the fastest-growing business of organized crime, and it is being run by new, barely understood networks that have sidelined traditional criminal syndicates. Reliable estimates indicate that 200 million people may now be in some way under the sway or in the hands of traffickers of various kinds worldwide.

Compare that to the four centuries of slavery, which moved about 11.5 million people out of Africa. To more than 30 million women and children who may have been trafficked for sexual purposes and sweatshop labor today.

This is the fastest growing criminal market in the world because of the number of people who are involved, the scale of profits being generated for criminal organizations — and because of its multifold nature.

That multifold nature is not just sexual exploitation, but economic slavery, which includes two things, forced labor and debt enslavement. And, exploitation of migrants as well as classic slavery. If you put all this together under the same concept, you get the biggest violation of human rights in the world.

But criminal syndicates are not the only ones responsible for America’s growing human trafficking crisis. Businesses like hotels, airlines, and truck stops are making millions of dollars a year by supporting and promoting a modern-day slave practice.

Businesses like ‘Backpage’, a thinly veiled and lucrative online brothel was shut down. But that hardly puts a dent into the world of Child Trafficking. These businesses have ignored their responsibility and have escaped accountability. Until now.

IN THIS INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL Edition, “HUMAN TRAFFICKING & Corporate America’s Role in the Fastest Growing Business in Organized Crime” , our News team went on location in Pensacola, Florida to meet with, Chris Tisi and Carissa Phelps, two dedicated and courageous trial lawyers at Levin, Papantonio, Rafferty, who are representing human trafficking victims and survivors, who were sexually exploited at commercial businesses, such as hotels and truck stops, as well as those who were exploited on certain websites.

Chris and Carissa and their law firm have filed several cases against major hotel chains, and they recognize that real change on the ground will not happen unless and until the cost of litigation outweighs the cost of looking the other way. They hope to be in trial soon… on some of their cases beginning in the summer of 2022. They believe they will be able to definitively show with documents and evidence that there was a total disregard for victims of trafficking, and that the ultimate liability for the injuries many thousands of victims have suffered, will be found in the boardrooms of some of the best-known hotel chains across America.

To help lead this revolutionary litigation, Chris and Carissa and their law firm, Levin Papantonio Rafferty have been involved in hours of training to understand the dynamics of sex trafficking through programs such as the ‘Law Enforcement Investigative Response to Child Sex Trafficking’ hosted by the AMBER Alert National Training and Assistance Program.

Please contact Levin Papantonio Rafferty, Mike Papantonio Chris Tisi and Carissa Phelps @ 800 277 1193