When Doctors Go Wrong – The Leah Forsmann Story

When Doctors Go Wrong

Hospices are the ABSOLUTE LAST place in the world that you would EVER EXPECT Nurses or Staff to mistreat…. or God Forbid … KILL patients ! And….for, Sylvia Forsmann ….the thought never entered her mind when she sought a peaceful transition for her 81-year-old mother Leah to the Castro District’s Coming Home Hospice…California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, Ca

But….What she received was an experience so traumatic and chilling…. that it could have been the plot to a Stephen King Horror Movie…The truth ….. can really be stranger than fiction…..And this story demonstrates the willingness of some hospice nurses to take it upon themselves to deliberately end the lives of patients under their care.

It shows that families need to be vigilant about what medications patients receive……so that only medications clinically needed are actually given. And, if they have any doubts, they should stand at the door and stop the nurse…. and call the physician or someone they trust to re-evaluate what’s going on.

If the nurse cannot satisfy one’s doubts about what is being given, then there is a real problem. It should be obvious why a medication is being given…. or not given. Most hospice patients and their families are unaware of the mistreatment that can occur within the hospice. The staff at the facility can easily be in denial of what they see going on and if they turn their heads…… and ignore the mistreatment of patients they are only adding to this abuse and fraud. Hospices are infamous for using less qualified individuals to administer the care to their patients. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) perform functions that Registered Nurses (RN’s) only should be doing. LPN’s must be supervised by a RN in almost every state. When there is not adequate supervision, the care is not what it will be with it. If the Hospice reduces RN staff in their facility in order to cut costs…. it is the patient who suffers.

Law dictates the requirements of the level of care a patient needs. You need to find out all of the patients rights for both in-home care and hospice facility care. Do not let an inadequate level of care dictate when your loved one should be moved into a more costly facility if it is obvious you are being pressured to do this..

Sylvia’s and Leah’s “Deadly nightmare” began when Sylvia called on-duty nurse Betsy Bilyck to attend to her mother’s frequent coughing. The nurse administered a hefty dose of Atropine, and an hour later Leah Forsmann awoke struggling to breathe. Bilyck returned and continued to administer more of the drug. Sylvia suspected foul play too late; by the time she called the paramedics, her mother had died. A private pathologist, the Glenoaks Pathology Medical Group, discovered enough Oxyycodine, Morphine, and Atropine in her mother’s system to kill seven horses.
And concluded that the “Manner of Death” was Homicide!

Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE “Goes Behind the Headlines” In Honor of My Mother – The Leah Forsmann Story ….to examine in depth, how Sylvia’s lawyer, Chris Dolan @ the Dolan Law Firm, successfully represented Sylvia in the pursuit of justice for her mom….And in the process….amazingly discovered that her mother’s nurse, Betsy Bilyck , admitted on camera in a Video Deposition… broadcast publicly for the first time ever…..that :

• She administered opiates without Doctor’s orders.

• She admitted to altering her records and

• She admitted administered levels of drugs that she knew could cause death.

• And She admitted to acting unlawfully.

In short…. Chris Dolan proved that Leah Foresman was killed.

No other lawyers would handle this case because of the fact that Leah was just several days from dying so there were no damages which lawyers felt would justify the work in the case. Chris Dolan brought the case, “in the interests of justice”, under an Elder Abuse statute with the understanding that his firm would be unlikely to receive compensation for their efforts but under the premise that ….no one other than God and oneself should make a decision when it is time to die. Ultimately they were able to resolve the case for a confidential amount.

And Nurse Elizabeth “Betsy” Bilyck was ordered by the California Dept of Social Services to be removed from contact with any clients in any residential facility because she was deemed to be a “threat to the health and safety of the clients in care”

Chris Dolan has earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as one of the best Trial lawyers in San Francisco…. In California….. and in the nation.
His fellow lawyers have selected him ….

o Trial Lawyer of the Year – the Consumer Attorneys of California,

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o And President of the Consumer Attorneys of California,

Chris is driven to fight for people who had been harmed by the willful or negligent actions of others. His goals….. Not ONLY To get Justice for his clients… But also to set higher standards to protect us all.

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