When Doctors Go Wrong – Kim Matsuyama’s Story

“Everyday,…. Somewhere in America….More than 300 Innocent Men, Women, and Children become Victims of Medical Malpractice. At the Hands of Incompetent & Negligent Doctors…Maybe Just like your own family Doctor…And end up either Dead or Permanently Injured . Last Year Over 98,000 Victims died at the hands of incompetent or negligent Doctors… More than 4 Million victims are permanently injured”

Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE “Goes Behind The Headlines” in WHEN DOCTORS GO WRONG – Kim Matsuyama’s Story ….. to examine how Dr Max Borten and Sid Gorovitz Ptrs Gorovitz & Borten, P.C, got justice for Kim Matsuyama’s family in a landmark Massachusetts medical malpractice case

Dr Max Borten, a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Trial Lawyer, and Sid Gorovitz have built their reputations based on aggressive and creative trial work. They have obtained numerous “Multi-Million Dollar verdicts and settlements” for clients who have been involved in traumatic situations which altered their lives physically, mentally and financially. And it has earned them the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as some of the best trial lawyers in Massachusetts and in the nation.

They has seen many innocent & hard-working people injured and killed by negligent and incompetent doctors, hospitals, and nurses… .They’re passion is Problem Solving. They approach each medical negligence case as scientists and lawyers trying to solve a puzzle. And because they’ve seen many patients suffer needless injury. They make it their dedicated mission to change the laws for the benefit of all medical patients, as they did in this landmark Massachusetts Supreme Court case because they believe that:

• All patients are entitled to receive care and treatment consistent with their expectation of finding a cure or having a better quality of life.

• Their loss of chance (essentially, loss of chance of a more favorable outcome either by cure, longevity or quality of life) in the event of negligence of the medical provider should not be ignored or denied just because the negligence was not more than 50% responsible for the damages suffered by the patient.

• The patient should not be at risk because the doctor “hides behind” the defense that “more likely than not that patient would have died of the disease in any event.”

• Quality medical care should be provided to all patients regardless of the percentage of injury, illness or disease already suffered by the patient.

• The loss of chance doctrine views a patient’s prospects for surviving a serious medical condition as something of value, even if the possibility of recovery was less than even (which was the prior law in Massachusetts) prior to the physician’s negligent conduct.

• Successful Recovery is now permitted in many instances where, previously, such recovery would have been denied in Massachusetts in total.

• Establishment of the “loss of chance doctrine” serves to fairly compensate the patient for having been wrongfully deprived of an opportunity to live longer, or have a better quality of life, even though the patient had a less than 50% chance of survival at the time of the physician’s negligence.

• Whereas the negligent medical provider was previously able to “hide behind” the literal blanket release from liability if the patient had a less than 50% chance of survival, that same medical provider is now held answerable, accountable and responsible for that patient’s loss of chance of survival.

And through the American judicial process, they get answers to these tough issues…..which result in hospitals, nurses, and doctors being more responsible to patients and society. These successes drive them to help more people who had been harmed by incompetent and negligent doctors.

Their goal….. To make Medicine Safer and more Accountable….and of course ….to Get the Justice their clients deserve

You can contact Dr Max Borten and Sid Gorovitz @ http://gbmedlaw.com/index.html (781) 890-9095