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A law firm’s success is best represented by the results of how they help their clients achieve justice, as in the case of Olga Hernandez, a 66-year-old former school district employee, became an unlikely target of an FBI insurance fraud investigation dubbed Operation Wicked Trust.

After working for the San Antonio Independent School District as a secretary for 30 years, Hernandez was elected a trustee in 2006. She held that position for 11 years until she resigned in February 2017, when she was indicted, arrested, and publicly led away in handcuffs.

But the only problem with the Federal government’s case against Olga was she was completely innocent, and the prosecuting Assistant US Attorney, Mark T. Roomberg knew it and had no evidence for proof.

Bill Reid, the Senior Founding partner, at Reid Collins & Tsai successfully won an acquittal for Olga.

Reid Collins & Tsai LLP, is one of the top plaintiffs’ trial law firms in the U.S, and prosecutes complex commercial and financial litigation nationally and internationally.

Since 2009, Reid Collins & Tsai has become legendary in the legal world as the “Special Forces team for Complex Litigation” achieving Billions of dollars of Settlements and Judgments

They have set valuable legal precedents to protect investors and hold wrongdoers accountable. The firm is widely recognized by industry observers for its achievements.

Their amazing reputation is based on the vision of what justice should and must be. And three of their partners share their vision with you now.

They have a diverse business client base – representing hedge funds, investment funds and asset managers, offshore liquidators, bankruptcy trustees, equity receivers, offshore liquidators, creditors’ committees, foreign governments, international banks, individuals, and corporations, among other clients, in federal and state courts across the U.S.

Their practice spans a wide range of business litigation, including financial fraud actions, Ponzi scheme-related cases, illegal transactions, insider misconduct, cross-border disputes, and professional-liability and malpractice matters, as well as fiduciary litigation and bad-faith insurance actions.

Their cases bring greater accountability and transparency to the market.

They routinely take on bad actors who think they are untouchable and otherwise would never be held accountable.

In this Insider Exclusive, “Justice in America” Network TV Special, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA – The Reid Collins & Tsai Story” our news team sits down with Bill Reid, Lisa Tsai, and Nate Palmer, Partners @ Reid Collins & Tsai, LLP, to show how they have won major victories in complex business cases like these:

$121 Million dollar fraud judgment in Claymore Holdings v. Credit Suisse AG
$300 Million Settlement Against Renren – One of the largest Derivative Recoveries in history
United States v. Olga Hernandez – One of the firm’s proudest results – the pro bono acquittal of a San Antonio grandmother and school board member wrongfully accused of bribery.
Obtained nearly $100 million in recoveries for state pension fund clients resolving claims under the Fraud Against Taxpayers Acts of multiple states against large Wall Street banks related to financial crisis-era sale of residential mortgage-backed securities.
Janvey v. GMAG, LLC
Merit Management Group, LP v. FTI Consulting, Inc
In re GT Advanced Technologies, Inc
And many more……

Bill, Lisa, and Nate have earned reputations as unyielding trial lawyers who repeatedly represent clients against big companies and the Goliaths of the world. And repeatedly win.

They have earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as some of the best Trial lawyers in Texas, and across the nation. They have built substantial reputations nationwide by consistently winning cases other law firms have turned down.

And their amazing courtroom skills and headline grabbing success rate continue to provide their clients with the results they need……And the results they deserve.

You can contact Bill Reid, Lisa Tsai, and Nate Palmer @  512.647.6100