The Quiet American Hero – The Vinny Cinelli Story

America has many “quiet heroes,” some of whom protect The Department of Energy’s Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. These brave men are the “Elite Special Response Team,” some of the best-trained and best-equipped forces protecting America’s nuclear weapons and material, with deadly force if necessary. These “Elite Special Response” teams are filled with professionals that have served in the military and law enforcement. It’s not uncommon to find former Marines, Army Rangers, Special Forces, and police veterans serving in various positions within these teams.

They use words like honor, code, and loyalty. They use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. And they live up to their words: They walk their talk – and one of these quiet heroes is Vincent “Vinny” Cinelli, who, while riding his motorcycle one March day in broad daylight, was run down by a hit and run driver, someone who does not live a life of honor, code, and loyalty. Vinny Cinelli was severely injured, but miraculously recovered! And today, The Insider Exclusive is here to tell his story: The true story of the magnificent courage of Vinny Cinelli and how his lawyer, Bruce Fox of the Law Firm of Fox & Farley in Clinton, Tennessee, got justice for Vinny.

And because of Bruce’s extraordinary success in the courtroom, he has earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike as one of the best plaintiffs’ trial lawyers in Tennessee and the nation. It is said that “The true measure of any man is not how they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but how they stand in moments of challenge and controversy.” Both Bruce and Vinny have stood in those moments of challenge and controversy. And that’s why The Insider Exclusive salutes both of these quiet American heroes.

Bruce D. Fox is a partner and co-founder of Fox and Farley. His personal injury practice focuses on automobile accidents, workers’ compensation, products liability, hospital and nursing home injuries, and trucking litigation. In addition, Bruce has significant multi-state lead counsel class action litigation experience against a variety of defendants. Bruce is co-founder of the Energy Workers’ Legal Resource Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a law firm dedicated to helping local energy workers sick with serious lung diseases, cancers and hearing loss as a result of their work for various Department of Energy contractors.

For 25 years, Bruce has been re-elected annually by his peers to the Board of the Tennessee Association of Justice. In 2007, 2008, and 2009 he was named to the Mid-South Super Lawyers. In 2008 and 2009 Knoxville’s Cityview Magazine named Bruce one of the area’s best workers’ compensation, hospital litigation, auto accident and wrongful death lawyers. Bruce is a frequent speaker and lecturer to attorneys and judges at seminars and legal education forums throughout the Southeast and Midwest. He has taught on topics ranging from underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage to Tennessee workers’ compensation law to automobile and truck accident law.

Bruce attended college and law school at the University of Tennessee. In his sophomore year of college, Bruce began six years of service to his country as a member of the United States Air Force National Guard. Upon graduation from the University of Tennessee College of Law, a professor invited Bruce to study in England, at Cambridge University. Bruce completed an advanced law degree at Cambridge, and holds a LLB in International Law.

Fox and Farley combines over 60 years of law practice and with a staff of experienced legal assistants. As testament to their reputation for results, the majority of the firm’s cases are received by referral from prior clients, area doctors, and other attorneys throughout the Southeast. Fox and Farley doesn’t just bring their expertise to a client’s case; they also care tremendously about their clients. “We are a small family here in the office, but we have a much larger extended family that includes all of our clients,” says Bruce Fox. “Whatever situation they find themselves in, we’re there with them.” Fox and Farley works hard to provide relief for everyone who calls the office about personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal and domestic relations.

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