Southern California’s Premier Law Firms Series – Girardi & Keese 1

An exciting, exclusive, in-depth and inside look at one of America’s and Southern California Premier Law Firms featuring some of the firm’s best trial lawyers… Tom Girardi, Howard Miller, James O’Callahan, and Paul Sizemore, discussing some of their outstanding cases and their dedicated philosophy of providing exceptional, aggressive legal representation to individuals and businesses that have been injured in some way, whether by physical harm or through damage to property, commercial, or economic interests.

Since 1965, the law firm of Girardi & Keese has been providing superior legal representation to individuals and businesses that have been seriously injured due to the negligent or wrongful acts of others. Led by the firm’s founders, Thomas V. Girardi and Robert M. Keese, their personal injury and business litigation attorneys in California have obtained more than $1 billion in recoveries on behalf of their clients. They work hard to live up to our reputation as one of the preeminent law firms in the United States. In doing so, they have built a reputation for aggressiveness, honesty, and trustworthiness that is rare in the legal profession.

– Their firm and its founders, Thomas V. Girardi and Robert M. Keese, have received numerous honors, including:
– Los Angeles Trial Lawyers “Trial Lawyer of the Year” (Thomas V. Girardi, 1995-1996)
– The Lawyers for Public Justice “Trial Lawyer of the Year” (Thomas V. Girardi, 1996)
– The American Board of Trial Advocates “Cal-ABOTA Trial Lawyer of the Year” ( Thomas V. Girardi, 1996)
– Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Top 50 Trial Attorneys of 1999” (Thomas V. Girardi)
– California Law Business “Top 100 Most Influential Attorneys in California” (Thomas V. Girardi)

Indeed, Tom was recently proclaimed “The Billion Dollar Gentleman” by the L.A. Daily Journal for having achieved more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements over a two-year period.

Tom, Howard, Jim, and Paul discuss just a small sampling of the many successful verdicts and settlements that their firm has achieved over the years, as well as some of their current cases.

Some of the firm’s major verdicts and settlements achievements are:

$1.7 billion settlement with El Paso Corp. on behalf of consumers who had suffered economic losses due to the manipulation of natural gas prices (2003)

$333 million settlement for the residents of Hinkley, California, in a mass toxic tort involving contaminated drinking water (1996)

$200 million settlement for Northridge homeowners whose property had been damaged by an earthquake

$90 million settlement with Lockheed, after the initial 25 plaintiffs in the case were awarded verdicts in excess of $10,000,000

$45 million verdict against the Ford Motor Company in a product liability case, for the family of a 12-year-old boy who was paralyzed due to a defective seatbelt in a minivan accident (2003)

$43 million settlement with the Walt Disney Company on behalf of a 4-year-old boy who was seriously injured while on a ride at the Disneyland theme park (2002)

$35 million settlement with Vons, Inc., on behalf of an 11-year-old girl who suffered extensive brain damage after an improperly constructed and maintained light fixture fell and struck her on the head (2003)

$25.8 million verdict against Braun Medical, Inc., for misappropriating trade secrets and stealing the design for a needle-free intravenous delivery system (2003)

$17 million verdict against St. Francis Hospital for the failure to monitor thyroid in newborns

$1 million verdict against Bon Air Hospital – notable as the first million-dollar verdict in a medical malpractice case in the state of California (1970)

In addition, their lawyers have successfully brought legal action against such large and powerful companies as Pacific Gas & Electric, Unocal, Exxon, Shell, Dupont, Ashland, and Farmers Insurance. We are pleased to have the experience, resources, and courage to pursue virtually any complex case in courts at all levels.

If you would like to learn more about their history of successful verdicts and settlements, please contact Girardi & Keese @ 213-977-0211. With offices in both San Bernardino and Los Angeles, their personal injury lawyers and commercial litigation experts welcome the opportunity to evaluate cases from throughout California and the United States.

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