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An exciting, exclusive, in-depth and inside look at one of America’s and Southern California Premier Law Firms featuring some of the firm’s best trial lawyers… Tom Girardi, Howard Miller, James O’Callahan, and Paul Sizemore, discussing

Mass Torts & Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation. They discuss some of the complex challenges and procedures involved with mass tort litigation, and how they stay current with rapidly changing laws and have access to some of the most advanced technical and scientific resources available. In addition, they share their insight on some of their outstanding cases and their dedicated philosophy of providing exceptional, aggressive legal representation to individuals and businesses that have been injured in some way, whether by physical harm or through damage to property, commercial, or economic interests.

Since 1965, the law firm of Girardi & Keese has been providing superior legal representation to individuals and businesses that have been seriously injured due to the negligent or wrongful acts of others. Led by the firm’s founders, Thomas V. Girardi and Robert M. Keese, their personal injury and business litigation attorneys in California have obtained more than $1 billion in recoveries on behalf of their clients. They work hard to live up to our reputation as one of the preeminent law firms in the United States. In doing so, they have built a reputation for aggressiveness, honesty, and trustworthiness that is rare in the legal profession.

Mass Torts

Girardi & Keese lawyers have the ability, commitment, and background necessary to handle the complex challenges and procedures involved with mass tort litigation. Mass torts differ from other types of personal injury litigation in that they involve a high number of claims against a single product. Because the claims in mass tort litigation share common legal issues, the value of those claims is dependent upon the results of individual cases and other relevant developments. This interdependence between claims makes mass tort litigation one of the most challenging areas of personal injury law, which is one of the reasons why mass torts generally involve a small number of firms.

In an area of law that is still relatively new and constantly evolving, they stand firm on the knowledge, skill, and dedication that are the hallmarks of our practice. Pharmaceutical Litigation – Baycol®, Rezulin®, Fen-Phen, Duragesic® Pain Patch, and VIOXX® Lawyers in California

Recently, a number of pharmaceutical products have been recalled due to the dangerous and sometimes deadly effects they had on their users. In many cases, these products have caused catastrophic pain, suffering, emotional distress, and unexpected financial burdens for victims and their families. If you or someone you love has been injured by a pharmaceutical product, our personal injury lawyers in Southern California may be able to help you in your pursuit of justice. The following are just some of the products that have been the focus of recent litigation:

Defective Medical Devices

In general, advancements in medical devices have led to substantial improvements to the health and quality of life of the nation’s citizens. Unfortunately, however, defects in medical devices do occasionally occur, with effects that range from harmful to deadly. As with other product liability cases, cases involving defective medical devices can be built upon three possible types of defects: design, manufacturing, and marketing. A claim can also be filed against a company that failed to properly test a product prior to making it available to the public, as well as against any company that minimized or deliberately ignored potential risks involved in use of the device.

Girardi & Keese lawyers are able to handle defective product claims involving such medical devices as:

St. Jude Silzone™ coated heart valve (recalled January 2000)
Knee or hip replacements /Heart devices, such as pacemakers
Blood glucose meters / Incontinence devices
Dental sealants / Devices used in eye surgery, such as lasers

These are merely some of the medical devices that can form the basis of a product liability case. Their lawyers have the resources and experience to litigate the full range of defective medical device cases, including those involving cosmetic devices such as breast implants. They are able to identify the liable parties in even the most complex cases and take action against multiple parties whenever appropriate.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a pharmaceutical product or a defective medical device, please contact Tom, Howard, Jim, or Paul today for an evaluation of your case.