Popcorn Lung Disease – The Jerry Blaylock Story

Popcorn Lung Disease, or Popcorn Workers Lung, appears mostly among factory workers in microwave popcorn plants. The illness is thought to be caused by the inhaled vapors of the butter flavoring (Diacetyl) used in microwave popcorn.The most likely victims of this illness are workers who mix the paste or powder forms of Diacetyl with oil to prepare it for use in the popcorn packets. Popcorn Lung Disease occurs most frequently in regions where the manufacture of microwave popcorn is a big industry. There are many such hotspots throughout the United States.

Because the law firm of Humphries, Farrington, & McClain, P.C. represents people from every state, including Jerry Blaylock, they have probably represented someone from your city or county already. They are familiar with the principal manufacturers of microwave popcorn. They know about plants, the owners and managers, and the litigation history of each hotspot. And that’s why they have successfully  tried the only jury trials in the country, with over $53 million dollars in jury verdicts and hundreds of settlements against the manufacturers, who protest that it was the employer’s responsibility to follow safety instructions.

Today The Insider Exclusive presents “Popcorn Lung Disease – The Jerry Blaylock Story” – and shows how the flavoring Industry used workers like Jerry Blaylocl as “Blue Collar Guinea Pigs” for years. Jerry played by the rules; he worked to support his family. And the unregulated microwave popcorn industry virtually destroyed his life.

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