Mark Mueller – An American Original – Truth & Justice

Great trial lawyers, like Mark Mueller, are the fighter pilots and emergency room surgeons of the law. Their passion is to fight for truth and justice.

Mark successfully seeks relief and vindication for shattered lives and seemingly lost souls. His compassion, warmth, love, and determination of the human spirit is neither imagined nor contrived. 

His purpose is to promote justice and fairness for injured persons, safeguards victims’ rights, and exercise the opportunity to help guide the hands of justice – Especially when people’s lives have been destroyed, families ruined, dreams lost, or widespread societal change and reform are needed.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr once said, about leaders like Mark, “The True Measure of any Man, is Not How They Stand in Moments of Comfort and Convenience…… But How they Stand in Moments of Challenge and Controversy.”

Mark is the living embodiment of Rudyard Kipling’s definition of a man, in his poem “IF” …. “If you can keep your head when all others are losing theirs and blaming you…… The world will be yours and everything it… what’s more, you’ll be a man, my son.”

President Teddy Roosevelt’s life shows us that hard work, tenacity, and a desire to do the right thing can get you far in life. That is the central theme of Mark’s life, as exemplified in the most memorable section of Roosevelt’s “Citizenship in a Republic” speech.

“The Man in the Arena” tells us that …. the man we should praise is the man who’s out there fighting the big battles, even if those battles appear insurmountable.

Since founding Mueller Law in 1992 Mark’s been known for his unconventional style, as well as for his optimism, focus and imaginative approach to problems and solutions, so he could take on the cases no one else would.

His main focus in on finding creative ways to reduce injustice and raise public consciousness. His firm has successfully won surgical and transvaginal mesh products liability cases, whistleblower cases involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and consumer class actions involving defective software and excessive fees by management companies.

The reason that clients come to his firm is because they are guided by the principles of what’s right and wrong. A brilliant courtroom tactician, Mark is renowned for his uncanny skill at handling juries, ……an ability proven time and time again

He can captivate juries with speeches of astonishing length, reduce hardened judges to tears. He’s achieved record multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts in a number of jurisdictions over the years, totaling nearly 400 million dollars.

He has handled unusual cases, such as the so-called condom rape case, where his efforts led to the reform of the grand jury system by using professional counselors to educate grand jurors about rape trauma and responses. This led to the successful prosecution of his client’s rapist and ultimately to a civil suit recovery against the landlord for failure to have properly working sliding glass door latches.

Mark has been involved in a wide variety of environmental and progressive groups and causes over the years. He has served as a rape crisis volunteer counselor and volunteer legal counsel for a number of public interest and non-profit organizations.

He also attended and has taught for several years at the nation’s finest program for trial lawyers, the Trial Lawyers College – founded by the nation’s best trial lawyer, Gerry Spence of Wyoming

In addition to his legal activities, he has founded and runs Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment in Austin, which produces movies, music and art and is located in his compound of historic buildings in Austin Texas.

He has two sons, 30-year-old identical twins, Max and Andy, who are writing, recording, performing, and preparing to tour the West Coast with their band, Twin Sages.

IN THE INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL our news team meets with Mark Mueller and some of his very key people in his life and his businesses to “Go Behind the Headlines” to learn more about this amazing real 21st Century Renaissance Man, Mark Mueller

You can contact Mark Mueller @ or (800) 323-1475