Justice In America – Melanie Gilliland’s Story

High speed police chases and wanton and reckless driving on the part of police…. kill hundreds of people—including law enforcement officials…..alleged criminals…as well and innocent civilians—each year in the United States.

The wrongful deaths and personal injuries caused by a police chases and reckless driving makes them one of top causes of car accidents. While authorities are engaged in high-speed police chases or pursuits…. there can be a complete disregard for the safety of other drivers as officers continue the chase well after the danger outweighs the need to apprehend the suspect.

More people in the United States are killed by high-speed pursuits, and wanton and reckless driving by the Police…than they are by police firearms….and yet…. these wrongful deaths from car accidents will likely continue year after year. That is why two-thirds of those injured or killed in fatal car accidents stemming from a police chases or pursuits… are innocent drivers and pedestrians that have nothing to do with the chase.

In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE “Justice in America” Network TV Special, our news team “Goes Behind the Headlines” in “JUSTICE IN AMERICA – Melanie Gilliland’s Story” ” to visit with Joseph Tomasik, Melanie Gilliland’s lawyer.

As we take you inside today’s legal system, examining Joe’s legal strategies, and his client’s thoughts, and in vivid detail…. showing you the often-heartbreaking stories of cases like his client….Melanie Gilliland.

These victims could be you or me one day…. And if you are so unlucky… you will quickly find out that Justice in America is a hard-won battle, where very few Defendants ever…. “Do the Right Thing” …and you need experienced trial lawyers like, Joseph Tomasik, at the Law Firm of Joseph E. Tomasik who wage these battles with their own financial resources to get their clients justice.

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