Justice In America – Maurice Roye’s Story

On December 5, 2014, at an intersection in San Leandro, CA, Maurice Roye, a 75-year-old great-grandfather, was crossing the street in the marked crosswalk when a 22-year-old Fed Ex delivery driver made a left turn through the crosswalk. Maurice had walked 25 feet from the curb when he was struck by the Fed Ex truck and run over. Emergency personnel attempted life-saving measures, but Maurice was pronounced dead at the scene. He was survived by three daughters who lived in the United States, and four children who lived in England, and all of those children were plaintiffs in the case.

The case presented many challenges, from the inaccuracy of the San Leandro Police Dept’s investigation to the defendant, Federal Express, who denied that the contract truck driver was their responsibility.

The Insider Exclusive ‘Justice in America’ News team is on location in Berkeley, Calif to take you behind the scenes in this new Network TV Special, “Justice in America – Maurice Roye’s Story”

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