Justice In America – Karen McWilliams’ Story

Every year thousands of people all over the world lose millions of dollars due to investment scams. Fraudsters come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few con artists who ingratiate themselves into your community, or religious, professional or social group, like ‘a thief in the night’, and influence your leaders, and by extension your peers, to invest in a fake investment.

These fraudsters exploit the trust and friendship that exist in groups of people who have something in common. And they exploit their affiliation with recognized and licensed securities firms, like Janney Montgomery Scott LLC and Investors Capital Corp.

Patricia S. Miller was one of Janney Montgomery Scott, and Investors Capital Corp’s SEC licensed securities representatives. But who would have ever thought that Patricia S. Miller, a 68-year-old, senior citizen would turn out to have orchestrated a multi-million-dollar Ponzi scheme that harmed scores of victims? Miller used her position as a trusted financial adviser, as well as her association these two broker dealers, to steal from her clients.

In this Insider Exclusive “Justice in America” Network TV Special, our news team meets with one of Patricia Miller’s many victims, Karen McWilliams and her lawyer, Vicki Kuftic Horne, who will share the horrific crimes of Patricia Miller, and how they fought back to not only make sure she was convicted of her crimes, but successfully fought to recover their investments from these brokerage firms who were responsible for monitoring and preventing these financial crimes.

Patricia Miller, along with Janney Montgomery Scott LLC and Investors Capital Corp., were also the subjects of a Finra Dispute Resolution arbitration proceeding as a result of her Ponzi scheme.

As a result, Miller and Janney Montgomery Scott LLC were ordered to pay damages of over $72,000., which was trebled to $217,283.83 pursuant to the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.  Furthermore, Miller and Janney Montgomery Scott LLC were ordered to pay attorney’s fees, expert witness fees, and various other arbitration related fees.

Patricia Miller pleaded guilty to wire fraud under 18 U.S.C. Sections 1343 & 1349 and was sentenced to 6-years in prison and ordered to pay $2.5 Million in restitution.

The legal journey to recover investment funds stolen by criminal brokers who work through legitimate and licensed Security Broker Dealers is another story in and of itself.

You can contact Vicki Kuftic Horne @ https://vkhorne.com/ 412-967-9400