Justice in America – Baby Maverick’s Story

Everyday…. Somewhere in America…. More than 300 Innocent Men, Women, and Children become Victims of Medical Malpractice at the Hands of Incompetent & Negligent Doctors… And end up either Dead or Permanently Injured. Last Year Over 98,000 Victims died at the hands of incompetent or negligent Doctors… More than 4 Million victims are permanently injured.

IN THIS INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL, “Justice in America – Baby Maverick’s Story”,

Our News team is on location in Grand Rapids, Michigan meeting with, Stephanie Hoffer and Aubri Sheremet, Co-Owners, Hoffer & Sheremet, PLC, who are representing their clients, Elizabeth (Josie) Pedersen and Nathan (Tyler) Bailey to get justice for themselves and their son, Maverick in a case of medical malpractice.

Their medical experts agree that had the obstetrician in charge of Josie’s care, Dr Sharon Kelley, at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing Michigan, called in a maternal fetal medicine specialist when Baby Maverick started showing signs of distress, he would have been continuously monitored, and ultimately delivered alive, once he started showing severe signs of distress.

And furthermore, had Josie’s nurse, Dawn Kuszmaul, continued to monitor Baby Maverick overnight, he would have been delivered via an Emergency C-section as soon as he started showing severe signs of distress.

Aubri and Stephanie have earned reputations as unyielding trial lawyers, who repeatedly represent individuals and families against big companies and the Goliaths of the world. And repeatedly win.

They have earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as some of the best trial lawyers in Grand Rapids and Michigan.

They have seen many innocent & hard-working people injured and killed by negligent and incompetent doctors, hospitals, and nurses…

Their passion is Problem Solving. They approach each medical negligence case as scientists trying to solve a puzzle. They have seen many patients suffer needless injury.

And because of that……They are driven to help people who had been harmed by incompetent and negligent doctors. Their goal…… To make Medicine Safer and more Accountable….and of course ….to Get Justice for their clients.

You contact Aubri Sheremet and Stephanie Hoffer at Hoffer & Sheremet, PLC https://hoffersheremet.com/ 616 278 0888