Justice For Tammy Theriot

Tammy Theriot, a 43-year-old wife and mother of three children was driving on Louisiana State Highway 13, North of Crowley, when a large pine tree fell on the road causing her to lose control and crash into a utility pole killing her instantly.

In this SPECIAL Network TV Special …. THE INSIDER EXCLUSIVE Investigative Film crew goes behind the headlines, in this “JUSTICE IN AMERICA” Network TV Special, to reveal for the first time on national TV, that even though “the falling of the tree” was certainly an Act of God……it was facilitated by human negligence.

Upon investigation, it became evident from aerial photography that the 90-foot-tall, fallen tree had been dead for two to three years. Pine trees such as the one that fell are grown as a crop in Louisiana. The tree in question was located on a large timber tract. Standing timber on such an acreage is sometimes harvested by “clearcutting,” meaning that all of the usable timber on the tract is cut down and removed.

Could the accident have been prevented? Absolutely… A number of individuals and companies had an opportunity, and a duty, to spot the dead tree, understand that it presented a hazard to motorists passing on the highway, and remove it before a tragedy occurred.

The State of Louisiana’s highway inspectors have the duty to detect and cause the repair or removal of conditions that present a hazard to motorists using its highways. The logging company that harvested the timber but left the dead tree standing made an already hazardous situation much more so. Unfortunately, the Theriot’s lives have been changed forever due to human negligence.

In this Insider Exclusive “JUSTICE IN AMERICA” Network TV Special we visit with Wells Watson, Managing Partner of Baggett, McCall, Burgess, Watson & Gaughan, LLC, who explains the Legal Strategies, Unique Aspects, and the Specific Challenges and hurdles, he and his firm successfully overcame to get justice for their clients, the Theriot Family

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