Hate Crimes – Justice For Sylvester Wilson

Violence committed against individuals because of their race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation remains a serious problem in America.

In the nearly 20 years since the 1990 enactment of the Hate Crime Statistics Act ….the number of hate crimes reported has consistently ranged around 30,000 or more annually….,

Or more than one Hate Crime every 15 Minutes of every Single hour of every Single day in every single year…Year in and Year Out

These FACTS almost certainly understate the true numbers of hate crimes committed because….

Victims may be fearful of authorities and thus may not report these crimes.

Or local authorities do not accurately report these violent incidents as hate crimes and thus fail to report them to the federal government.

All Americans have a stake in reducing hate crimes.

These crimes are intended to intimidate not only the individual victim, but all members of the victim’s community, and even members of other communities historically victimized by hate.

By making these victims and communities fearful, angry, and suspicious of other groups — and of the authorities who are charged with protecting them — these incidents fragment and isolate our communities, tearing apart the interwoven fabric of American society.

Eliminating prejudice requires that Americans develop respect for cultural differences and establish dialogue across racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries.

Education, awareness, and acceptance of group differences are the cornerstones of a long-term solution to prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry.

Hate crime laws and effective responses to hate violence by public officials and law enforcement authorities can play an essential role in deterring and preventing these crimes, creating a healthier and stronger society for all Americans.

But most important of all….Eliminating Prejudices and teaching respect for all racial, ethnic, cultural and religious individuals and groups begins with ourselves….individually and collectively..

And today THE INSIDER EXCLUSIVE salutes a great American…. and dedicated and tenacious lawyer, Dan Gilleon, Ptr @ Mitchell Gilleon

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Dan has earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as one of the best Trial lawyers in San Diego…. In California….. and in the nation.

He have seen many innocent & hard-working people become VICTIMS of the Hate Crimes

He understands that Hate Crimes are one of the most serious, enduring, and divisive human rights violations in the United States today. The problem is not just in San Diego…BUT nationwide….AND its nature is institutionalized.

AND BECAUSE OF THAT…..He is driven to fight for people who had been harmed by the willful or negligent actions of others..

He…Learned A long Time ago ….that “If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for… He isn’t fit to live.”

His goals….. Not ONLY To get Justice for his clients…

BUT To make sure ALL Victims of Hate Crimes get Justice


“AND Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just …..may be powerful,

AND… whatever is powerful may be just.”….

You can Dan Gilleon at http://www.mglawyers.com or 619.702.8623