Gerry Spence – Ford’s Deadly Truck Defects – Allison V. Ford.

On July 26, 2003, at approximately 3:45 in the afternoon, Christopher Allison and his family were driving back to Pocatello, Idaho, from their family vacation in Washington.

Christopher was driving a 1999 Ford Expedition and towing a 19-foot camp trailer.

Another driver, Daniel Torrez, approached the Allisons’ from behind. Torrez fell asleep at the wheel, drove into the center median, ricocheted off that into the Allisons’ trailer, causing the trailer to jackknife and the Expedition to slide counterclockwise into the left lane.

The Expedition slid off the road, overturned several times, ejecting three of the family members, crushing and killing Christopher and injuring all of the Allison family.

Torrez and his passenger were not injured.

Today, The Insider Exclusive will show you how the Allisons’ lawyers, Robert Krause and Emily Rankin of the Spence Law Firm, took on Ford Motor Company and successfully sued them for Ford’s Defects, product design (door latch and component system, occupant restraint system, window glazing, roof structure) and got justice for the Allison family.

You can contact Robert Krause and Emily Rankin about Ford’s Defects at 800-967-2117,