Defending The Damned – Cls Mitigation & Consulting Services

Representing clients accused of horrific crimes is a daunting, soul-searching, tall order of business for any lawyer.
Defending people like Joe Atkins who shot 13-year-old Karen Patterson to death in her bed in North Charleston, S.C. Or …Charles Rector, on parole for a previous murder….who with his friends attacked Katy Davis in her apartment…. beat her, gang-raped her, shot in the head and repeatedly forced underwater until she drowned.

Or …Jeffrey Barney, who met Ruby Longsworth of Pasadena, Texas, through a prison ministry. She then helped him get paroled from an auto-theft sentence. Her kindness was repaid when Barney raped and sodomized her…. then strangled her with a cord.

Or Robert Massie who murdered a mother of two, named Mildred Weiss, in San Gabriel, Calif., during a follow-home robbery.

Or Robert Willie, who murdered 17 year old Faith Hathaway, whose story became the inspiration for the film Dead Man Walking.


Today The Insider Exclusive presents “Defending the Damned – CLS Mitigation & Consulting Services’s ” Formula for Success”
AND how Cyndy Short & The CLS Mitigation & Consulting Services Team has developed a “Formula for Success” in the Building of Capital Defense Teams to defend the innocent…. and the very guilty.

They work hard to understand the lives of people who take the lives of others.

Cyndy and her team work in states where political will for executions is high and the commitment to public defender programs nonexistent.
“They are deeply committed people who have chosen to make their mark on this world,”

And that is why Cyndy has earned the highest respect from citizens, juries, judges, and lawyers alike…. as one of the best Capital Defense lawyers in America today.

You can reach Cyndy Short @ The McCallister Law firm, in Kansas City, Mo @ 816 931 2229 or 866-658-2229 and