Day Care Center Alert – The Carl Anderson Story

Carl Anderson, sadly left this world on April 24, 2008 ….at his Day Care Center…..just shy of his 5th birthday….
He died …with his head buried in a hole…. dug in a sandbox …..suffocating on the wet sand which became clogged in his throat and lungs.

On that same morning,… Carl’s Parents had dropped him off at the Day Care Center…expecting to pick him up later in the afternoon.

BUT at 5:30pm….. April 24th ….He was Medevacd by helicopter to an emergency hospital and despite 17 attempts of resuscitation; he was pronounced DOA at the hospital.

He died ….While his Day Care Supervisors “didn’t do their jobs”… and failed to “Supervise the children at their Day Care Center”.

When they were asked….. How this could have happened???

FIRST they blamed …the local “Volunteer” Fire Dept” for 1) Not Getting to the center fast enough….. and THEN 2) they blamed them for Not resuscitating him correctly….

When those excuses didn’t work…they Next put the blame on poor little Carl himself… for burying his own head in the sand…and suffocating himself.

So who was really responsible for this tragic death of this innocent child?

Not I said the Day Care Center…. Not I said each of the Day Care Center workers……. And Certainly not us… said their lawyers…

They simply believed, and saw this incident, as a tragic accident and nothing more …

According to them…there was NO negligence whatsoever in properly supervising the children on the playground,

And they were sure that each one of them would come across to a jury as caring ….and professional childcare workers.
But that was before Carl’s parents, Josh & Anne Anderson retained Mike Sawaya and Dale Pugh of the Sawaya Law Firm
In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE Special Investigation, we go behind the headlines to investigate “DAY CARE CENTER ALERT – The Carl Anderson Story”

AND how Mike Sawaya and Dale Pugh, Partners at Sawaya Law firm, took a case NO OTHER LAWYER would touch
And got Justice for Carl and his parents with a Record Breaking Settlement
by simply showing that daycare workers are being paid to ensure the safety of the children in their charge.

And that they failed to do that by their conscious inattention to what the children were doing

AND ALSO FAILED to recognize that the hole in the sandbox was a potential problem.

Mike Sawaya and Dale Pugh have earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as one of the best people’s trial lawyers in Colorado …..and in the nation. They have seen many innocent & hard-working people suffer needless injury….

AND BECAUSE OF THAT…..They are driven to fight for people who had been harmed by the willful or negligent actions of others..

Their goals….. Not ONLY To get Justice for their clients…

BUT To make sure that all children are properly supervised in all Day Car Centers across America.


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