Coach Fired Unlawfully – Stanford Hill’s Story

Coach Fired Unlawfully- Stanford Hill’s Story

In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE Investigative Network TV Special, our News Team “Goes Behind The Headlines” in EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK – Dr Michele Taylor’s Story ….. to examine how La Shawn Williams, Principal, L.A. Williams Law Firm, P.C., is representing Dr Michele Taylor, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School – Texas Southern University for Equal Pay for Equal Work.

On April 17th this year, Coach Hill’s attorney, Brian Sanford, Founder The Sanford Law Firm filed suit against the Dallas Independent School District and Skyline High School principal Harold Wright in Dallas County Court.
Under Texas state law, educators cannot “use coercive means” to influence other educators. “Under the Texas Penal Code, a state employee commits an offense if he (1) violates a law relating to the public service’s office or employment; or (2) misuses government personnel,”
“The Texas Supreme Court, in Sabine Pilot Srvc., Inc. v. Hauck, has held that terminating or adversely impacting an employee for refusing to commit an illegal act is a violation of law. “The Dallas Independent School District terminated Coach Hill as a coach for refusing to participate in a crime.”
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