Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination, Part I

“Headline Civil Rights News” Series

The Cochran Firm, Brian Dunn & Randy McMurray/
The Cochran Firm is featured in an exciting, exclusive, in-depth and inside interview featuring some of the firm’s best trial lawyers, Brian Dunn and Randy McMurray, discussing

Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination. They discuss the cases of Kevin Norwood v. City of Los Angeles , Joseph Ward-Wallace v. City Los Angeles and Paula Neiman v. Inspired By Media, Inc. Et Al. Messrs. Norwood and Ward-Wallace, both of whom are represented by the Cochran Firm, are Los Angeles firefighters who allegedly suffered racial discrimination on the job. Mr. Norwood alleges he was the victim of racial prejudice while he was in the Training Academy of the Los Angeles Fire Department, and unduly suffered as result of these actions. Mr. Ward-Wallace was also a firefighter with the City of Los Angeles who allegedly was the target of racial discrimination when he was assigned to his first fire station. Both he and Mr. Norwood have Caucasian wives, and both men claim this status motivated the acts of alleged racial discrimination against them at the fire department.

S. Neiman’s case involves a contract she signed concerning the creation of a script for an audio bible. She alleges defendants used her script to secure financing for this project and then told her the undertaking had been abandoned, when in reality the project continued with major celebrities committed to this endeavor.

Brian Dunn has handled many high profile police misconduct cases, including those of Reginald Denny and Geronimo Pratt. Mr. Dunn was also instrumental in prosecuting the litigation surrounding the tragic shootings of Tyisha Miller and Mario Paz, cases which not only brought multimillion dollar settlement awards to the plaintiffs, but additionally resulted in unprecedented changes in the departmental policies of the Riverside and El Monte Police Departments. He is a member of the State Bar of California and the State Bar of Nevada, and has practiced in the United States District Courts for the Central District of California, Eastern District of California, Northern District of California, and was recently admitted to the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada. Brian is a Member of the Consumer Attorneys’ Association of Los Angeles and the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Randy McMurray has published articles and has been an invited speaker for Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Consumer Attorneys of California, Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles and Mealey Publications. He is also a member of the Langston and National Bar Associations, California Association of Black Lawyers, American Trial Lawyers Association, Consumer Attorney of California, Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles and Multi-Ethnic Bar Association. He is on the Board of Governors of CAALA, the Board of Directors of the Diversity in Law Foundation, served as an Associate Editor of The Advocate, the journal of the Consumer Attorneys’ Association of Los Angeles and the Education Committee of Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

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