Justice In America – Delaney Henderson’s Story

Every 2 minutes, someone is sexually violated in the United States. Out of every 6 women, one has experienced an attempted rape or complete rape. Rape, we’re told, is not about sex; it’s about power. That power reveals itself through force, force that is visibly apparent and physical.

But that same power, that same force, can also be unseen, coercive, psychological. The story about this invisible power is the story we don’t expect to hear.

In this Insider Exclusive, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA” Network TV Special, our news team visits with Jennifer Bandlow, Attorney at the Cochran Firm in Los Angeles, Calif and Founder of the SoCal Justice Law Group, P.C, and her client Delaney Henderson to “Go Behind the Headlines” to see how Jennifer successfully represented Delaney to get justice, and to witness firsthand Delaney’s powerful transition from sexual assault victim to survivor and Advocate as an Ambassador for the PAVE organization (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment) a national, grassroots nonprofit.

PAVE works to shatter the silence and prevent sexual violence through social advocacy, education, and survivor support. Delaney is also an Ambassador of Bullies Reality, a nonprofit working tirelessly to stop bullying in every corner of every town, city, state, and nation.

Delaney has traveled the country sharing her story, educating others, and inspiring victims and their families on what “Victim Empowerment” truly means, and in turn…changing lives forever.

Delaney’s inspiring charisma, passion and energy are coupled with her dedication to shattering the silence of sexual assault and giving a powerful voice to victims and their families. Audiences across the country have benefited from her experiences and her ability to turn her tragedy into triumph.

She inspires others to learn that “Every test in our life makes us bitter or better…. Every problem comes to break us or make us. The Choice is ours ……Whether we become VICTIM or VICTOR.

Please contact: Jennifer Bandlow, Ptr Cochran Firm and Founder, SoCal Justice Law Group, P.C

Jennifer Bandlow