America’s Medical Malpractice Crisis – What You Need to Know – Siegel

Medical Doctors are not perfect…. They make mistakes like anyone else…. After all they’re only human.  But when over 440,000 Americans die each year from preventable mistakes…something is deadly wrong in the medical profession!

In this new Network TV Insider Exclusive Investigative Special, “AMERICA’S MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CRISIS – What You Need to Know – featuring Andrew Siegel, partner Siegel & Coonerty”, our news team goes behind the headlines to examine why over 440,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors, (New England Journal of Medicine), which makes medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, and cancer.

These people are not dying from the illnesses that caused them to seek hospital care in the first place. They are dying from mistakes that hospitals could have prevented.  The New England Journal of Medicine also reported that 1% of physicians accounted for 32% of paid malpractice claims over the last 10 years. The ugly truth is that little is being done to hold these dangerous doctors accountable.

Some of the important issues Andrew Siegel addresses in this crisis are:

1. Why State Medical Boards Fail to Properly Discipline Bad Doctors?
2. Why Bad Doctors Allowed to Continue to See and treat Patients?
3. Mitigating Risk and Protecting Patient Safety
4. Patient Safety Kickback Schemes from Pharma companies
5. Proposed Patient Safety Bill of Rights
6. Medical Malpractice Victims Lack of Access to Court System
7. Annual Costs to Society for medical error in hospitals.
8. The Failure of the National Practitioner Data Bank to Identify Bad Doctors?
9. Why Don’t Doctors reports Bad Doctors?

And much more……………

These medical malpractice victims could be anyone…. And those so unlucky will quickly find out that Justice in America is a hard-won battle, where very few Insurance Companies, Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals ever…. “Do the Right Thing” …and victims need experienced and passionate trial lawyers who wage a battle with their own financial resources to get their clients justice.

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