When Cops Go Wrong – Deadly Felony Stops

In most major U.S. Police Depts, Officers are trained rigorously on the exact safe protocol when it comes to making “Felony Stops”.

We have provided the Official Chicago Police Training Video demonstrating how “FELONY STOPS” how these “Felony Stops” must be conducted by the Police… to Shield &Protect the Police Officers as well as the suspects.

As you watch this Insider Exclusive Special, you will see how this procedure called “Shielding”… the Police term for the use of their Car Doors and tires to protect themselves… by Getting down between the Door & the car….. is extremely important, not only for the Officers but also those suspects the police are stopping.

On these “FELONY STOPS”… You can see all Police commands to suspects ….are issued from BEHIND their DOORS…which are basically their Shields.

The Proper Protocol is …..All suspects are ordered out of the car……Away from their vehicle …And ordered down on the ground with their hands held high in the air, until they are handcuffed and secured.

This is the correct way Chicago Police Officers are instructed to apprehend suspects in a car at a FELONY STOP
BUT it was not the way, Chicago Police Officers stopped Robert Russ, a popular Northwestern University graduating Senior….. on the evening of June 5, 1999…which resulted in his unnecessary and tragic death

In this Insider Exclusive Special, “WHEN COPS GO WRONG – DEADLY FELONY STOPS” …… We show how Don Shapiro Founder & Partner @ the law firm of Don Shapiro Ltd got Justice for Robert’s family with a Record Breaking Verdict of $12 Million dollars…

You will see how Don proved this case by proving the lies …and the contradictions of the various Chicago police officers…

By assembling an array of highly qualified expert witnesses, including world renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden and Dr James Fyfe – former NYPD cop – Prof John Jay College of Crim Justice & Head of NYPD Police Academy.

He also uncovered an independent witness who had been routinely dismissed by the internal Chicago Police investigation but who turned out to be extremely credible.

Don Shapiro has earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as one of the best people’s trial lawyers in Illinois….And in the nation.

He has seen many innocent & hard-working people become VICTIMS of the Police Brutality. He understands that Police brutality is one of the most serious, enduring, and divisive human rights violations in the United States.

…The problem is not just in Chicago…BUT nationwide….AND its nature is institutionalized.

Police officers engage in unjustified shootings, severe beatings, and fatal chokings in cities across America, while their police superiors, city officials, and the Justice Department fail to act decisively to restrain or penalize such acts or even to record the full magnitude of the problem.

Don understands that Victims seeking redress…. face daunting obstacles at every point in the process, ranging from over intimidation…. to the reluctance of local and federal prosecutors to take on brutality cases.

Don also understands that because of that…..He is driven to fight for people who had been harmed by the willful or negligent actions of others..

He…Learned A long Time ago ….that “IF A MAN hasn’t discovered something that he will die for… He isn’t fit to live.”

His goals….. Not ONLY To get Justice for his clients…BUT To make sure ALL Americans have the right to a fair trial, honest cops, impartial prosecutors, and fair judges with NO AGENDAs…


“AND Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just …..may be powerful, and… whatever is powerful may be just.”….

You can contact Donald Shapiro, Founder and Partner @ Donald A. Shapiro, Ltd at http://www.dshapirolaw.com 312 263-3443