The Americans Disabilities Act – What You Need To Know – Somoza

In 1993, Anastasia Somoza, only 9 years old, visited the White House and shared with President Bill Clinton, the disability challenges she and twin sister, Alba faced in school.

Anastasia and Alba were born prematurely, with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia. Their mother is a pioneer in advocacy for children with special needs.

Twenty-three years later, in 2016, Anastasia Somoza, 33, spoke at the Democratic National Convention with the same clarity and seriousness of purpose seen in public more than two decades earlier.

Now a graduate of Georgetown University and the London School of Economics, Anastasia was there as a delegate for Hillary Clinton.


Ned Garno will share some of the challenges he’s had to face to make sure that the ADA regulations are implemented and disabled people are protected.

Ned has been instrumental is working with many Cities and private organizations to bring about positive changes to accommodate the disabled who are often neglected, especially when those entities were unwilling to improve access for disabled individuals. He will share his expertise on:

  • What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
  • Why is the ADA important?
  • Who Does the ADA Apply To ?
  • Who Needs to Know About the ADA?
  • What the Different Sections of the ADA ?
  • Why was the ADA Written?

While it seems that there is a lot to know about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is important to understand that people with disabilities deserve the same rights and treatment as those without disabilities.

As an employer, educator, or business owner, it is also very important to be familiar with this act, as well as with the other acts that protect the rights of the people you work with each day.

Following this act is not only the law, but it helps to support those with disabilities in our communities. By guaranteeing them these rights, they can be an active part of communities, which makes them even better.

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