Standard Insurance Bad Faith Exposed – Cassaundra Ellena’s Story

In a perfect world insurance companies would always do the right thing.

Yet in reality the industry harbors…. a dirty little secret. “People are giving them money for something they will never receive”

“What that really means is they’re selling uncollectible insurance.” Insurance Companies RULE our country. They control our banking…. Look at AIG! TOO BIG TO FAIL!

They own WALL STREET. They catch a virus…. and Wall Street has Diarrhea for a week! And when Interest rates fall and their investment earnings plummet…..then they run to Congress and SCREAM “TORT REFORM”.

“Lawsuits are killing us…they scream…And those Greedy trial lawyers are to blame….. by filing frivolous lawsuits and convincing ignorant juries to dole out obscene verdicts…

BUT Ironically….. WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW…. Until now is… that Insurance companies regularly and deliberately invite lawsuits whenever the costs and hassles for a third party claimant look to exceed all potential for recovery.

Rather than just doing the right thing, …..Too many insurers prefer to play a game of litigation chicken….. A frivolous lawsuit strategy in reverse…. Don’t like it? …Sue me.

So when Standard Insurance Company publicly publishes on their website:

  • Standard is a family of companies dedicated to one core purpose: helping people achieve financial well-being and peace of mind.
  • You Won’t Find This Level of Protection Anywhere Else AND
  • As experts in disability insurance, we see on a daily basis how important quality disability income protection is to the customers who count on us.

DON’T BELIEVE THEM ….It’s totally untrue… because a a federal jury returned a verdict in favor of Ms. Ellena and against Standard for $873,622. Ms. Ellena additionally recovered $250,000 in attorneys fee from Standard based on the jury’s express finding that Standard had committed bad faith. The total judgment against Standard was $1,123,622.

Plus In a landmark published decision, based on Cassaundra Ellena’s case, Ellena v. Department of Insurance…… the California Court of Appeal ruled that the California Department of Insurance has the duty to screen all new disability policies prior to permitting them to be sold in California.

In this The Insider Exclusive Investigative Network TV Special, our News team “Goes Behind the Headlines” with Bennett M. Cohen at the Law Offices of Bennett M. Cohen to expose Standard Insurance Company’s roadmap for denying a disability claim in bad faith and attempting to make it stick. ….in “Standard Insurance Bad Faith Exposed – Cassaundra Ellena’s Story

The law firm of Bennett M. Cohen has been handling disability claims and insurance bad faith cases for many years, and this is one of the worst cases of insurance company abuse that the firm had ever seen. Throughout his career, Bennett has seen many innocent, hard-working people become “victimized” by their own insurance companies …. in the name of GREED ! AND BECAUSE OF THAT…..He is driven not ONLY To get Justice for these victims of INJUSTICE, But to make sure that ALL POLICYHOLDERS Get 100% what their Insurance Companies Promised! AND… WHAT THEY PAID FOR…. WITHOUT HASSLE…. AND ON TIME.

Please contact Bennett Cohen @ and (888) 205-0456