Robert L. Shapiro – America’s Premier Lawyer Series.

The highlights of Robert Shapiro’s legal career are numerous and include serving as lead counsel in United States of America v. Samango, the leading 9th Circuit case on grand juries, and such high-profile cases as People v. Christian Brando and People v. O.J. Simpson. Although known for his representation of celebrities, Mr. Shapiro has also represented corporate clients such as Mobil Oil, Northrop and Lawrence Engineering.

Robert is also a noted lecturer and has made presentations at major universities, the Practicing Law Institute, California Trial Lawyers Association and the California Public Defender Association. He is also the author of “On Second Thought” (California Lawyer Magazine, 1997), “For the Defense” (Loyola Law Review, November 1996), The Search For Justice: A Defense Attorney’s Brief on the O.J. Simpson Case (1996), “When The Press Calls: A Lawyer’s View” (California Litigation, Fall 1991) and Misconception (June 2001).

Robert is a co-founder of On this show he discusses how LegalZoom takes care of common legal documentation matters from your home or office. LegalZoom’s online legal documentation service includes corporation, divorce, prenuptial, living trust, will, trademark, copyright, living will, restraining, orders LLC, and Tax.

LegalZoom uses the latest technology to help customers prepare reliable legal documents online. By answering easy-to-read online questionnaire, documents are prepared within 48 hours. LegalZoom even reviews documents and files them with the courts for loyal customers at no additional cost.

LegalZoom does not engage in the practice of law by rendering legal advice, but does offer general, nonspecific information and interactive help.

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In addition, Robert founded the The Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Awareness because the disease of alcohol and drug dependence is now reaching epidemic proportions. He discusses certain characteristics of this disease:

– This disease, it is an “equal opportunity” disease that is indiscriminate, affecting all ages from children to the elderly; the rich and poor alike; the educated and uneducated; male and females; and single individuals and families.

– Alcohol and drug dependency is an out of control disease that is ruining and taking the lives of our young people.

– Every person in America is affected by alcohol and drug dependence and its consequences – either personally, at home, in the workplace, as victims of crimes, and/or as a taxpayer.

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