Paul Henderson, The San Francisco District Attorneys Office

The San Francisco District Attorneys Office – Featuring Paul Henderson – Assistant DA & Managing Attorney.

In this special series, Paul Henderson, who supervises the trial team of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office discusses the many responsibilities of his office. Paul is a frequent legal analyst for both FOX News, CNN, the Wall St Journal, USA Today, and the San Francisco Chronicle. As an advocate for others, Paul has built a career out of standing up for those disenfranchised from opportunities of success, and works tirelessly to create opportunities for disadvantaged people of color.

Paul speaks about his role on the national faculty for the Dept. of Justice where he is committed to training other attorneys and municipalities about innovative criminal justice models. In this role he travels around the country to train and lecture within the legal professional. As a seasoned prosecutor, Paul discusses how to handle every type of case in the criminal justice system.

As Paul loves to say, “I represent the people and I am proud to do so!”