Justice in America – Political Asylum-Nestor Munki’s Story

There is a crisis on America’s border with Mexico.

The number of people arriving there has skyrocketed in the years since the pandemic, when crossings fell drastically.

The scenes coming from the border, and from many US cities that have been touched by the migrant crisis, have helped elevate the issue in voters’ minds.

Yes, border crossings are up. But the type of migrants coming, where they’re from, and why they’re making the often-treacherous journey to the southern border has changed over the years.

The US’s immigration system simply was not designed or resourced to deal with the types of people arriving today.

People from a growing variety of countries, fleeing crises and seeking asylum, often with their families.

Today, the Justice in America news team is on location in Seattle Washington, speaking with Matt Wunderman, the attorney at Connelly Law Office who represented his client Nestor Munki, a recent political refugee from Cameroon, to tell his harrowing and almost unbelievable true story of escaping from his native country, Southern Cameroon, because he became a hunted man, because he dared to videotape a Southern Cameroon rally for independence on Facebook.

And to discuss the extraordinary legal challenges Matt faced to successfully get Nestor and his family asylum in the U.S. in this new Network TV Special, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA –Nestor Munki’s Story”

You can contact Matt Wunderman at his firm https://www.connelly-law.com/ or (253) 593-5100