Justice In America – Michael Porper, Jr’s Story

Fishing has always been a dangerous industry. Even with improvements in technology, emergency location devices, life rafts and survival suits, the quest for seafood has pushed fishermen farther out to sea in often treacherous and unpredictable weather.

The Emmy Rose disappeared at a time when the wind was gusting to 30 mph, and seas were reportedly 6-8 feet – conditions severe enough to force a Coast Guard rescue helicopter to return to base.

The Emmy Rose sank on Nov. 23, 2020, roughly 22 miles northeast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, taking with its four beloved crew members. It was discovered 6 months later.

The Insider Exclusive ‘Justice in America’ news team is on location in Gloucester, Mass to take you behind the scenes in this new Network TV Special, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA – Michael Porper, Jr’s Story” to examine how Orlando & Associates successfully got justice for Michael Porper’s family in this tragedy that stunned the local fishing community.

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