Justice In America – Klay Armstrong’s Story

On June 22, 2006, Klay Armstrong was severely burned when he walked past a Power Boiler in the Powerhouse at Georgia Pacific’s Cedar Springs, Georgia paper mill.

At the paper mill, there have been multiple workplace accidents including fatalities in August 2003, April 2006, and again in October 2013. OSHA fined the paper mill $102,000 and $63,000 for the August 2003 and April 2006 incidents respectively.

In this Insider Exclusive, “Justice in America” Network TV Special, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA – Klay Armstrong’s Story”, our news team is on location with Jane Leger, Partner, at the Ferguson Law Firm, in Beaumont, Texas, to show how she obtained a landmark $40 Million settlement on behalf of Klay Armstrong, an employee of the Cedar Springs paper mill who suffered burns on 68% of his body, spent six months in a medically induced coma, and underwent 80 surgeries as a result of a boiler explosion in June 2006.

Watch Klay tell you what happened on that fateful day, June 22, 2006, joined with his sister, Traci Armstrong Evans, a Nurse, and Klay’s Legal Guardian as they share their experiences of the aftermath of how Klay’s brotherhood of United Steel Workers, and how Jane Leger and her legal team got justice for Klay.

Jane has earned a reputation as unyielding trial lawyer who repeatedly represents individuals and families against big companies and the Goliaths of the world. And repeatedly wins.

The lessons learned from the Georgia Pacific’s paper mill disaster are a testament to the excellent investigative work that Jane and her legal team has performed and continues to do each and every day in every single case.

She and the Ferguson law firm are dedicated to uncovering the hidden catastrophic factors that put our fellow citizens at risk and wreak havoc on important sectors of our economy.

You can reach Jane Leger at the Ferguson Law firm in Beaumont Texas https://www.thefergusonlawfirm.com/ 409-200-8229