Justice In America – Frederick Burton’s Story

Jonathan Gettleman and Elizabeth Caballero, Partners at Caballero & Gettleman Law… live and practice the words that Dr Martin Luther King Jr so eloquently stated… “That the greatness of America is the Right to Protest for Right”

Since 2002, Jonathan and Elizabeth have fought to free, Frederick Burton, an innocent man, who remains wrongfully incarcerated in a Pennsylvania Prison, for the last 48 years.

His wrongful conviction by the original 1970’s Philadelphia prosecutor’s office, headed up by then District Attorney Arlen Specter, and later U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, suppressed exculpatory and relevant evidence that would have exonerated Mr. Burton.

Multiple ADAs have actively suppressed Burton’s relevant and clearly exculpatory immunity evidence for 48 years and the corruption in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office has been systemic until the election of the new District Attorney, Larry Krasner.

Jonathan Gettleman and Elizabeth Caballero now have that relevant evidence, but are prevented by certain personnel in the Philadelphia DA’s office to obtain a fair review of the merits of constitutional issues clearly presented by the suppressed documents.

These same individuals are preventing the new District Attorney Larry Krasner, a staunch advocate for justice, having spent the past 25 years as civil rights attorney and public defender, from reviewing Frederick Burton’s case. Show

Civil rights activist, Pastor, and Harvard Law School’s writer-in-residence at the “Fair Punishment Project” Shaun King, calls America’s new District Attorneys, like Larry Krasner, the gatekeepers of America’s justice system.”

In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA” NETWORK TV SPECIAL our news team visits with Jonathan Gettleman and Elizabeth Caballero, Ptrs @ Caballero and Gettleman Law Office in Santa Cruz, Calif, Eleanore Childs- Retired Attorney, Educator, Frederick Burton’s friend, and Carol Menaker, A Juror on Mr. Burton’s second trial, to “Go Behind the Headlines” to see the challenges they’ve faced, and the progress they are making to exonerate Frederick Burton after 48 years of wrongful incarceration

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