Justice In America – Bobbie Gully’s Story

Sometimes, the thrill-seeking centers of the adolescent brain can readily outmatch a young persons’ mental rational control systems. That risk-taking…. spans a stunning range across the globe.

For teenagers and young adults to find trouble…. Temptation must meet opportunity. Bobbie Gully’s story is a story about young adults, alcohol, cowardice, and crazy behavior that left Bobbie seriously and permanently injured.

On the night of August 8th, 2014, at 1.30 am in the morning, Bobbie Gully, a young beautiful 20-year old Bemidji State college student, went out with some of her friends partying.

She was a passenger in a truck driven by her friend, Mitchell Lee Dirks, who decided to drag race another friend, Lee Branstrom, down the ole County Road 48.

Driving way past beyond the speed limit…. at over 100 mph, Dirk’s truck was unable to slow down at a sharp corner and flew straight off the road. His truck rolled over several times…. very violently until it came to a sudden stop. Branstrom’s truck stopped, …. But then Took off…. And left this beautiful 20-year old Bobbie Gully laying in the dirt, because she appeared to be dead. Trouble was she wasn’t. One of the passengers in Branstrom’s truck stayed with her, until the ambulance got there. Dirk took off running because ‘he was a coward.’

Here today is Bobbie Gully to tell her story for the first time ever on National TV.

In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA” NETWORK TV SPECIAL our news team visits with Bobbie Gully, and her attorney Steve Gabrielson in Sartell, Minnesota to “Go Behind the Headlines” to see how Steve successfully represented Bobbie to get justice for her.

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