Job Harassment – Deputy Sheriff Ian Roth’s Story

Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE Investigative New team, “Goes Behind The Headlines” in Job Harassment – Deputy Sheriff Ian Roth’s Story ….. to examine how Lawrance Bohm, Founder The Bohm Law is pursuing justice for his client, Deputy Sheriff Ian Roth Deputy Sheriff Ian Roth, who has dedicated his career in law enforcement with the Madera County Sheriff’s Department for almost 8 years.

And during this time, Deputy Roth states that he has been continually harassed by one of his supervisors, Sergeant Pace…… who has a history of harassing, discriminating against and being abusive to his subordinates.

Roth states that “This is not the first time…. legal action has been sought due to Pace’s behavior; he called a female deputy a “sexist obscenity,” …..he calls the only African-American deputy “Diddy” and he consistently pulls out his penis as a “joke.”

As a result Pace has been demoted from Lieutenant to Sergeant…. as well as…. from Sergeant to Deputy. But, unbelievably, due to technical procedural errors in the investigation and after a hearing was held on the matter, Pace was re-promoted to Lieutenant.

As a result of reporting these harassing incidents to supervisors, Deputy Sheriff Roth has experienced an increase in harassment, retaliation, and isolation after he complained about Pace.

By law, every person has the right to work in an environment free of intimidation. Continuous disparaging remarks, yelling, offensive pictures or conversation, assaults and threats are examples of verbal and non-verbal harassment in the workplace.

Harassment can be based on race, religion or gender — the protected classes defined in federal law. But actions that make going to work unbearable for any reasonable person also can be defined as harassment.

Harassment can come from a co-worker, boss or client. Creating or maintaining a hostile work environment is also considered workplace harassment. In a hostile work environment, the employee may not be directly harassed, but a pervasive atmosphere of misconduct interferes with the employee’s work.

Workplace harassment comes in the form of physical, verbal and sexual. A harassment policy clearly defines what constitutes harassment and gives examples that violate the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination Act.

Employers are expected by law to have policies in place for workplace harassment so that employees have a clear understanding of what behaviors are disruptive and unlawful.

Unwanted sexual advancements, ethnic- or age-related remarks, abruptly demoting employees and verbal aggression should be included in the examples. In addition, the policy should state that the victim does not have to be directly involved. Witnessing a hostile and offensive work environment so much that it interferes with work performance is considered a form of harassment.

Laws, such as the Civil Rights Act, stop a workplace employee from getting away with unacceptable conduct, such as non-verbal and physical bullying and intimidation, sexual harassment and unwarranted performance-related actions, such as a sudden demotion. A harassment policy clearly defines harassment and gives employees instructions on how to handle it.

Employers are liable for workplace harassment if it is proven that the harassment is reported, but no action is taken. For example, if an employee complains to a supervisor about aggressive, demoralizing behavior from a co-worker, but the supervisor never follows up or fails to give the appropriate consequences, the company is liable.

In addition, if a manager’s inappropriate actions result in a sudden employment status change, such as an unwarranted demotion, firing or benefit change, the company is considered at fault.

The Bohm Law Group which is representing Deputy Ian Roth in a lawsuit against the Madera County Sheriff’s Department is alleging Religious Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation .

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